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Halloween Costumes – From Head to Shoes

Some costumes mandate specific footwear. A French maid simply cannot wear sneakers like a hotel housekeeper. A sexy nurse would just be a nurse if she wore the comfortable shoes a real nurse wears.

If you’re going to be out trick-or-treating with the kids, you might want to stick with comfortable footwear. Instead of heels, choose flats or loafers. If you’re going to a Halloween party for a few hours, or passing out the candy, go for the heels or pumps. If you’re staying home, you can go for the fetish shoes, just for the night.

Fantasy Shoes

Some costumes call for specific shoes; Cinderella wore glass slippers that have been reproduced in plastic by costume manufacturers. Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz wore ruby slippers, which have been recreated using glitter, sequins, and even patent leather. Sexy Dorothy costumes are often shown with an adult version of the ruby slippers, either with strappy ankle bondage or very high heels. Marie Antoinette and other Renaissance / Medieval nobles wear pastel colored buckled heels and boots.

Period Shoes

For medieval and warrior costumes, many come with boot covers disguised as armor, shafts of high boots or fur (depending on the costume) so you can seamlessly wear ordinary boots or shoes underneath. For Greek and Rome costumes, sandals are the obvious choice, though try to go for the gladiator-type leather knee-high lace-up straps if you are going bare-legged.

Platform shoes are great for Austin Powers costumes and also other 60’s era characters, like Yoko Ono, and John Lennon. They work well for a 70’s pimp or disco costume, too. Finding men’s platform shoes might be difficult outside of a large city, so shopping online is recommended. They can also be useful for sneaking in a few extra inches. If you need to look taller in your costume, to add to the dramatic effect, platform shoes are a great way to grow.

A 60’s go-go dancer girl or Austin-Powers type retro dress would look great with tall platform go-go boots. Ideally, they would lace up the front and have a bit of a heel on them. White is the most versatile color, but costume shoe stores sell them in black, red and other colors, too. The black ones can be worn with a gothic or a vampire costume and the red ones can add style to a sexy devil costume.

If you’re dressing as a cowgirl, there are obvious mandatory cowgirl boots. A square dancer can also wear cowgirl boots. In the 80’s, white-fringed cowgirl boots were in style. Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders also wear cowgirl boots with their uniforms, instead of the traditional cheerleading sneakers.

A swashbuckling pirate should be wearing tall black pirate boots that fold down just under the knee into a wide top rim that doubles as a kneepad. Buccaneer boots like this come flat or with heels for women, so decide which one would rock your boat before ordering.

Ballet slippers, the comfy leather or canvas slip-on flats are great to wear when your character is supposed to be barefoot. When you choose a color that’s similar to your skin tone or pantyhose, it gives the illusion of a naked foot. Fairy costumes, butterflies, ballerinas, and belly dancers look great with fleshy ballet slippers.

Real lace-up ballerina shoes are good, too. Since they can be hard to wear and hard to find, consider getting lace-up sandals with a high heel instead. These work well for dancer costumes, and any other look that calls for a sandal or lace-up shoe.

With so many varieties of shoes on the market, the perfect shoes for your costume are probably just a few clicks away. Consider your comfort level and the style of your costume before choosing. Heck, if you find a pair you really love, build a costume around them. Halloween lasts one night but a great pair of shoes can last a lot longer!

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