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Ideas for Adult Couples’ Halloween Costumes

Halloween couples’ costumes are a fun way for couples to not only get into the Halloween spirit together, but also enjoy a bit of roleplay fun after the party. Whether you’re looking to ignite a playful spark in your romance or just some great ideas for you and your partner’s next big Halloween party, keep reading for examples of adult couples’ Halloween costumes and ideas on how to play the part.

Couples’ Costumes Ideas for Halloween

Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf: Rooted in fairytale symbolism, the story of the innocent Little Red Riding Hood being chased by the Big Bad Wolf is a classic tale of sexual innuendo and a great basis for a couples’ costume. For her, go with a cute, short dress, a red hood (of course!), patent shoes, and a basket full of ‘goodies.’ For him, only a ravenous wolf costume will do. And, like Little Red Riding Hood, don’t forget to remark, “Oh my, what big _______ you have!”

Teacher and Student: The naughty student and the overzealous, spank-happy teacher is a classic fantasy – one that makes a great husband-and-wife costume. Dress her in a short schoolgirl skirt, pigtails, and knee highs. Top off the sexy costume with bubblegum and Mary-Jane shoes. For him, a blazer, button-up shirt, and academic glasses will complete that scholarly look. Be sure to hand out lots of after-school detentions and spankings for ‘bad behavior.’

Pirate and Wench: Steeped in the romance and adventure of the high seas, the pirate and wench costumes are a great idea for a couple looking for something to wear to a Halloween party. Make each other laugh by threatening to unearth one another’s ‘hidden treasure,’ or stage a run for your partner’s ‘ pirate’s booty.’ Though certainly sexy and romantic, you can still have a lot of fun with sea-themed pirate and wench costumes. Your look can be as simple as an eye patch and pirate’s hat, or as elaborate as a full, authentic, adult costume.

Naughty Nun and Priest: Forbidden desire and a truly unholy union are what make these adult couples’ costumes so tongue-in-cheek. Whether you play it with her as the temptress nun or him as the ‘pervy’ priest, you’ll have a lot of fun roleplaying the ultimately forbidden. Take your girlfriend aside at the party, and offer to help her get into heaven, or whisper into your boyfriend’s ear that you have something very, very naughty to confess. Remember, keep it light and fun for a truly sinful night.

Romeo & Juliet: Romantic and traditional, the Romeo & Juliet costumes are a great couple’s choice for fancy dress or a large Halloween event. To really roleplay the parts of young Montague and the Lady Capulet, keep your distance at the party, passing notes for communication and arranging secret rendez-vous in the kitchen. If you’re up for it, learn a few lines from the play. Classic and passionate, Romeo and Juliet are the embodiment of romance.

Whether it’s for a big Halloween party or a night of adventure at the house, roleplay for couples is mostly about having fun. Tease each other with it and always be sure to laugh. That comfortable, lighthearted attitude will easily translate into passion. Add some sexy costumes and you two will be unstoppable!

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