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Have a Scary Sexy Halloween

When you’re young, Halloween is all about the candy, whose house gives out the best, and how much more you can get than your sibling before the night is through. As you get older, the holiday becomes all about the costumes. More specifically, it’s about looking good and feeling sexy in another persona for one night of the year.

Everyone looks forward to peeping costumes and showcasing their own at Halloween parties, and this year you’re going to make some jaws drop. Lose your inhibitions, dare to bare, and feel confident while doing so with these tips on how to have a scary sexy Halloween.

Slip into a Sexy Stereotypical Costume

Finding Nemo sexy costumeThese days, pretty much anything can be made into a sexy Halloween costume. There are sexy bees, sexy nuns, and sexy Ms. Pacmans. There’s even a sexy Finding Nemo costume available. If you name it, it can be made skimpy. Be creative and try to think of an outfit that hasn’t been done before. But if you’re unsure of what looks appropriate, go for a stereotypically sexy costume to guarantee that you’ll look good no matter what.

For example, choose a bad schoolgirl or a naughty nurse costume. Yes, they’ve been done countless times before. But that’s because they look great year after year. Or go as something inherently attractive like a Can-Can dancer or a 1950’s pin up girl. These costumes are über feminine and many manage to be sexy while still covered in lots of frilly layers and boas.

Pick a Persona

You may not have the confidence to wear cupcakes as a bra like Katy Perry did in her “California Gurls” music video. But that’s the beauty of dressing up: you aren’t yourself! Throw caution to the wind and really get into character. If you’re having doubts about whether you’ll be able to pull of the confidence, think of choosing a character costume that requires a lot of makeup or a wig. You’ll be surprised at how liberating it feels to hide behind a costume and you may be able to gain the confidence to sport an outfit you normally wouldn’t wear.

Greek Goddess Halloween costumeGood costume ideas for this are rocker chicks with big hair and crazy makeup or recognizable characters like Jessica Rabbit with a red wig and dramatic makeup. Costumes that actually require a mask like superheroes/villains are a great option as well. Have fun getting into character and strut into the party with so much sass people will believe you are Jessica Rabbit.

To Bare or Not to Bare

It’s a big misconception that to be sexy on Halloween you need to show lots of skin. There’s no harm in it and it’s definitely fun to bare without judgement for one night. However, it takes a lot of guts to strip down on a cold, autumn night and if you’re not feeling up for it there are a ton of costumes that will make you look stunning while saving a bit for the imagination.

Full length goddess costumes the are ideal because they aren’t always form-fitting and cover the whole body while maintaining feminine sex appeal. There are also costumes with skin-coloured sections to look like you’re baring a lot. For example, choose an Arabian belly dancer costume with skin coloured material over the stomach to get the look without shedding the layers. Anything with layers is a great option as well, such as a Can-Can dancer with tiered skirts, a tavern maid in a hoop skirt, or a genie in billowy fabric. All of these costumes are sexy for any size without showing too much.

Not Just for the Ladies

Thor Adult costumeMen don’t get to have all the fun watching their fantasies come to life on Halloween night. Ladies need to ogle too and there are some fantastic male costumes out there to help them do so. Sexy stereotype costumes of firemen, warriors, and policemen exude masculinity. Superheroes are a great choice as well and with many costumes featuring painted on abs, you won’t have to worry about actually having superhero strength. Also, if the Twilight series has taught us anything, it’s that women can’t get enough of vampires. So go as a sexy and mysterious bloodsucker and watch the ladies swoon.

Halloween doesn’t have to be about being sexy. You can have fun, be creative, and cover up as much as you want. However, it’s a great excuse to bare without prejudice and get the chance to be someone (or thing) else for one night of the year. Take advantage of this free pass and dress as something that will give you fierce confidence and sassy sex appeal. Strut into that room, flirt up a storm, and remember to always practice safe “hex”!

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