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Adventuring in an Indiana Jones Costume

Indiana Jones has a rugged look. To become Indiana Jones, make sure you skip your morning shave for a few days. Your wife or girlfriend will want to kiss you but refrain because it hurts. The tension will build up until she can’t take it any more.

Indiana’s knowledge of the ways of the wild is irresistible. He’s also well versed in the ways of men and greed. No matter where a girl goes with him, she will be safe. Unless there are snakes nearby, of course!

Indiana Jones’ Hat

Of course, it all starts with the hat. Indiana’s hat is a brown wool fedora with a washed out black hatband. Surely, when the hat was new, the band would have been darker. New things don’t come in such an off shade of faded black, do they? You can quick-fade a hatband by letting it dry in the sunshine several days in a row.

Indiana Jones Clothes

A white, or beige button down shirt is characteristic of an Indiana Jones Costume. How he manages to keep them from wrinkling the way he packs is a miracle. No need to button the shirt. Well, Ok but just one or two buttons, really low. Those chest muscles need to show. Rip off one of the shirt’s arms so that those hot and steamy biceps can get some air.

Khaki brown pants are required for Indiana Jones. Cargo pants would work, too if that’s all you’ve got. For footwear, hiking boots or black lace-up boots are best. Don’t forget the rope and whip; apparently Indiana Jones likes to tie things up. A pocketknife and canteen are also important.

No matter where you go with your Indiana Jones persona, you know you’re headed for an adventure. Whether you’re saving ancient relics from looters or searching for a missing piece to an archeological puzzle, you’re bound to be intercepted by bandits or captured in a political revolt.

Luckily, Mr Jones is a diplomat extraordinaire with a network of useful contacts all over the globe. Tales of adventure and heroics surround the campfire. Let him tell his daring stories for hours on end while your audience sits at the edge of their seats wondering how he made it out alive.

To get the look down, you need Harrison Ford’s trademark wry grin. Practice in the mirror, with your fedora on. Rewatch the movies to help you mimic his dry humor and facial expressions.

Indiana’s Companions

Women, if you want to adventure with Indiana Jones, (or be an intrepid archeologist like Laura Croft or Relic Hunter), you can dress as an archeologist, too. Instead of khaki pants you might want to wear khaki shorts or denim shorts. You’ll need your own canteen. You might want a hat to avoid sunburn, but if you’re Jones’s girl, he’ll let you wear his.

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