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Joining the Mile-High Club – In Costume

Have you ever dreamed of getting off after taking off? You’re not alone – the lore of the Mile High club is alive and healthy, as more and more people take the risk of doing it at 30,000 feet.

You can keep your feet on the ground (or however you prefer to do it) and still get the effect of the sky high fun. How? Costumes and roleplay, that’s how. Let’s look at some ideas.

First, it’s important to keep a few things in mind when you recreate a Mile High experience at home. When doing it on a plane there’s an element of danger and excitement about possibly being discovered, getting away with it or, best of all, getting away with it while some passengers know you did it but are either too embarrassed or two jealous to say anything!

The space in which you join the Mile High club is quite small, as in the size of the airplane restroom. So if you want to recreate the experience at home, a small and confined space is a critical element. Think about a closet and get creative.

Now, if you really want to up the ante, think about who you might have a Mile High experience with – a pilot or stewardess perhaps? Just for fun, add that element of roleplay.

Ready for some ideas? Let’s get high!

Flight Attendants and Pilots Costumes

Ladies, consider dressing up as a stewardess. Of course, we mean a sexy stewardess. This one might have a bare midriff, or a good amount of cleavage. She might be wearing thigh-high stockings or knee-high white boots. She’s just asking for it. Men, you might have to seduce her, but once you get her ready for it, she’ll be happy to serve you in just the way you like to be served.

Men, you could dress as a pilot. Remember, it’s your job to keep her safe, but also quite comfortable, and you know how to do just that. Offer to let her visit your cockpit (couldn’t resist writing that!) Turbulence may occur, though. A lot of turbulence!

Let’s not discriminate on the basis of sex, however. Women can also be the pilot, and the man a steward or even passenger. In a sharp outfit and pilot’s cap, you can lead your man to your special at-home Mile High Space (read: closet).

If you want to think about all of this as preparation for a real Mile High experience, by all means take it to that extreme. Roleplay with costumes, practice various techniques carried out in less than ideal (but still exciting) circumstances and pretend you’re not doing it when you clearly are. Click below to search for some great costume ideas.

Now, we don’t recommend using the costumes when you board a plane intending to actually join the Mile High club (the bare midriff or bodice-ripper cleavage might give you away), but you can certainly consider your at-home play to be “work” and you’ll be ready to perform when the time comes. There’s even private airline companies that cater to achieving your mile-high fantasies. (Here’s one located in Atlanta.) Fasten those seatbelts!

Click "GO" below to find these adult costumes!

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