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It’s the Little Touches – Costume Clothing, Shoes, Accessories, and Make-up

The key to a truly great costume is in the details. Clothing, shoes, costume accessories, and even your makeup are what will take your costume from mediocre to absolutely fabulous. What is a pirate without his eye patch? Or a fairy without her wings? And what of the serial killer without his chainsaw? It’s the little touches like costume clothing, shoes, accessories and make-up that will make or break your look, so you need to get it right. This article will cover the best ways to complete your costume, from the right jewelry to the perfect make-up.

Jewelry: So small and seemingly insignificant, jewelry can add a lot of pop to costumes. If you’re dressing up as a sexy Greek goddess, you’ll want to don some ‘golden’ accents like a coined bracelet, ring, and laden necklace. Meanwhile, the pirate wench needs her hooped earrings and leather wrist cuffs to complete her look. Costume jewelry may seem like an afterthought accessory, but in just the same way it can drastically change an outfit in the everyday world, it can also totally transform one in the fantasy.

Wigs: You’re not going to find a redheaded Cleopatra with curls. As cute as it is, it’s not going to happen. Goldilocks was never a brunette, 1920’s flappers didn’t wear their hair long, and aristocratic queens weren’t known for their well-cut bobs. If your hair doesn’t fit the costume, you’ll need a wig. Affordable and easy, a wig will work wonders on your costume, taking you from blonde bombshell to dark seductress in a few seconds. To prevent flyaways or unruly hair moments, tuck it all up in a wig cap.

Shoes: Unfortunately, Dorothy didn’t wear black pumps and French maids don’t wear flip flops. Shoes can absolutely define sexiness and totally take a blah costume right up to red alert. Add white platforms to a nurse’s costume and you’ll be causing cardiac arrests. A pair of lacy ballet heels with a fairy outfit will cause half the room to be on their way to Never-Never Land. Again, just like in the real world, shoes can make all the difference in the realm of fantasy, so choose wisely. Remember, Playboy bunnies don’t wear Crocs.

Accessories: A devil isn’t very powerful without his pitchfork and a good witch can’t cast spells without a wand. Accessories range from the obvious, like a feather duster for a sexy maid, to the whimsical, like Pyramid-shaped purses for Cleopatra. Remember, flappers need their boas and pirates need their swords. How far you want to take the accessories is up to you, but even just one or two will instantly take your costume to the next level, not to mention the fun you can have after the party with a few feather boas, a sexy mask and a pair of cat ears. Meow.

Makeup: Makeup is an inexpensive way to make your Halloween costume stand out. A charming fairy costume can be transformed to truly fantastical by simply applying shimmery gold and silver face paint around the eyes. Of course, for some looks, the make-up is key. You can’t be Marilyn Monroe without the red lipstick and signature mole. For other costumes, you may not want to take it to the extreme. A believable witch might be green-faced with warts, but a sexy witch might be more about exotic, dark lipstick and smoky black eyes. Again, the choice is yours, but a bit of inexpensive, carefully applied make-up can make a big difference.

Remember, it’s the little touches that truly make a costume fantastic!

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