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Luau Parties and Costumes

Planning a summer luau? Don’t forget the grass skirts and bra tops, mai tais and good food!

Actually, most good parties start with atmosphere. If the food is off, or you don’t have a full and complete bar, people won’t care as much if your atmosphere and party planning are top notch.

One of the easiest ways to get the planning started is to buy some ready made decorations and party packs. You might buy wall décor sheets. Simply apply them to the walls of the room where you’re having your party, or the outside of your house and you instantly have the scene set – a beach at sunset or a tiki hutch, or the surf full of boarders. The possibilities are endless.

You can purchase a tabletop tiki hut to go over the food or drink table, or you can get a limbo stick that only requires music to make work.

Once you have the scene set, think about adding an extra element of décor. That is, the people décor. Provide grass skirts for the guests, and request that the ladies who are willing wear a bikini top to go with their skirt. As the host, you might consider buying a hula costume that includes a floral bikini top and grass skirt, along with a flower for your hair and a floral bracelet.

For guests you can also provide floral hair clips and either purchased or homemade leis.

Food and Drink

Now it’s time to think about food and drink. For alcoholic beverages, nothing works better at a luau than a mai tai. Although there are a variety of different variations and recipes to choose from, the basic ingredients are amaretto, rum, and tropical fruit juices like pineapple and orange juice. Grenadine can add sweetness, while club soda adds fizz. Be sure to get the little umbrella toothpicks to put in your mai tais. It’s not authentic without those!

If you have guests coming who don’t drink, or there are children coming, consider offering grenadine, club soda (or 7-Up) and a variety of fruit juices. Let them make their own concoction. Provide them with an umbrella toothpick as well!

For food, you can go authentic, or you can adjust based on the time and effort you can put in. Most authentic luaus will include a roasted pig (you can certainly substitute any kind of pork), poi, a variety of tropical fruit like mangoes, pineapple and papaya, and perhaps some rice.

As far as food, much depends on the kind of party you want to have. Thinking more cocktails than dinner? You can offer many of the traditional luau foods on toothpicks for easy carrying and eating. If you want to offer only dessert, you can offer shortcake with tropical fruits, coconut pudding and macaroon cookies.

Finally, take advantage of the various party sites that can help you plan the party, but also purchase a variety of items that will be useful at your party. You can make one order and end up with enough goodies to decorate, dress, and entertain people. All you add is the guests, food and drink, and it’s a party.

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