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Make It a Memorable Valentine’s Day!

How can you make this Valentine’s Day memorable? It isn’t the expensive gifts, it’s all in some thoughtful planning and timing! Our Valentine’s Day ideas are creative, loving and offer hours of possibilities for you and your special someone.

In Love at Sunrise

Get started off on the right side of the bed on Valentine’s Day morning: serve up a special breakfast for your sweetie. It doesn’t have to be fancy; in fact, couples we’ve spoken to say it’s all in the presentation. Wear something flirtatious, outrageous or barely-there … and wake your darling with a kiss and a hot plate of his or her favorites.

If you’re shaky in your cooking capabilities, simply waking your significant other up with a kiss–and perhaps more–can be a special Valentine’s Day surprise that will leave you both warm and tingly the whole day long. (Psst: Experts say men’s testosterone levels are highest in the morning. So wake him up early … with all the spice you can muster.)

Our favorite tip: Be prepared ahead of time. Buy or create a sexy outfit, go to the grocery store for specialty ingredients and set the clock on mood music so you both wake up in the mood to do your Valentine’s Day justice!

Cupid in the Afternoon

Yes, love can be as hot in the afternoon as it is by candlelight. Catch a matinée together; these are usually much less crowded than feature presentation times, giving you and your Valentine more privacy to snuggle up.

Another idea that can really fan the flames of romance is to schedule a “steamy afternoon affair” for Valentine’s Day. Take a long lunch from work, meet up at a low-lit restaurant and feed one another bites of wonderfully prepared brunch … then head home if time permits. (We think you’ll want to make the time.)

Our favorite tip: We love children, but this one time, look for a movie that’s decidedly kid un-friendly! Try a sappy romance or rom-com (we love these!) or something advertised as extra-extra-spicy. You’ll want to be able to cuddle up without being interrupted by a spray of thrown popcorn or continuous interruptions.

Spicy at Night

Hands down, night time is considered the time of day most conducive to romance. Start your Valentine’s Day evening date right with something special to eat; go to a favorite spot or toss a blanket onto the living room rug, get a fire or candles going and have an at-home picnic.

If you live in an area that’s cold and snowy in February, blindfold your love and lead him outside, then show him your special surprise: “I love you” stamped in the snow earlier by your own two feet, or drawn with a stick. Then take him back inside to warm up on a bed of flower petals, an idea that’s fresh and new every time.

Our favorite tip: Play in the snow! Energetic play gets the circulatory system going, making you red-hot from your head to your toes and more than ready for a romantic nightcap.

Whatever your pleasure, any time of day can be filled with romance. Choose your favorite and have the Valentine’s Day experience of your dreams!

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