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Marilyn Monroe Costumes

She was such an icon, even in her own day. It’s amazing to think that a woman that was such a superstar so many years ago still manages to wow throughout time. She was the legend known as Marilyn Monroe and there has been nobody quite like her ever since. She was beautiful, iconic, talented, and brought such charisma to the screen.

Since she was so loved she has become one of the most famous costume ideas that woman have used. Throughout the years and the test of time, this has remained one of the most popular woman adult costumes and it shows no signs of stopping. Fortunately this is a relatively easy costume idea to pull off and yet everybody will know instantly who you are.

Dress the Part

Marilyn Monroe sexy costumeHere’s the best part about the Marilyn Monroe costume—it is so recognizable that with only a few simple touches you can become her in an instant. Everyone will know who you are if you go for something classic like the white flowing dress. This is one of the best costume ideas and so easy to carry off as you just need to find a white halter dress that has a flowing skirt at the bottom.

You can find this in costume stores or even in a retail store if you are sure to use it again. This is a good start if you want the classic look but you can even go for something else, as long as it is luxurious.

Marilyn Monroe encompassed femininity and therefore you want to go for a dress that is pretty and elegant. No matter what color or style it is, you can add the extra elements to make it come alive as a Marilyn Monroe look. Try for a pink gown too as that was something that would be associated with her as well. The starting point for this classic sexy costume has to be a beautiful dress, so start there and then come the famous accessories.

It’s All About the Accessories

If you know anything about Marilyn Monroe then you know she had that recognizable blonde bombshell hair. This is the look that you can find nearly anywhere through a wig that is made for the part. If you aren’t lucky enough to have blonde flowing hair yourself then consider getting a wig that is made for this costume. It should be a blonde, medium length, straight hair look with a little bit of edge to it.

The accessories are another great way to dress the part. She had that trademark black mole and the pouty red lips that made her so famous. This is easy to obtain with a bit of makeup and some imagination so set out to make yourself into Marilyn. When you start to couple the hair with the right makeup, you will feel like her an instant.

Finally any good Marilyn Monroe costume will have the right jewelry. Consider going for a big diamond looking necklace and bracelet because after all for her “diamonds were a girl’s best friend”! The beautiful jewelry will help to complete the look and then it’s all about the attitude. You want to be feminine, confident, and give that pouty quirky look and in no time the costume is alive and well!

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