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Maternity Halloween Costumes – Great Ideas and Where To Find Them

First of all, congratulations! Now, what are you going to wear to a Halloween costume party? If you’re looking for great ideas for Halloween costumes while pregnant, keep reading…

When putting together creative maternity Halloween costumes, you first need to decide whether you want to work your fabulous belly, or keep it under wraps. For pregnant women who are late-term, you may have to go loud and proud, while early-termers can get away with a sexy baby-doll style that covers up their growing bump. First, we’ll go over creative Halloween maternity costumes that include the belly and then we’ll cover some great, sexy costume ideas that can be adapted for the smaller, early-term pregnancy.

Halloween Maternity Costumes That Work the Belly

  • Pregnant Nun: Tongue-in-cheek and often made for maternity sizes, the pregnant nun is a popular costume choice. You’re sure to get laughs and a few funny stares if you sport this ironic costume to your next Halloween party. Whether you go for a naughty nun look or for a more authentic feel, you’ll be a hilarious hit either way. Dress your partner in a priest costume and be sure to bring along a hymn book or two.
  • Bun in the Oven: A fun play on a popular saying, a Bun in the Oven costume is an ultra-cute, adult, maternity costume that’s sure to illicit smiles. This type of costume can easily be found online, or build one with a simple cardboard box constructed as an oven, with a window cut around your belly and taped on the inside with cellophane to look like an oven door! Carry around a tray of biscuits to hand out to fellow party-goers. Your partner can even go as a pastry chef for a little extra punnery.
  • Pregnant Prom Queen: This sexy and playful maternity costume works great with a growing belly. Find a tiara and beauty queen wig online, then match them with a dress that fits, a bouquet of roses, and a sash that reads “Miss Conception.” For an extra creative touch, dress your partner up as a sheepish varsity footballer.
  • Mommy Mummy: It’s almost too pun-tastic to be true. Dress up as a Mommy Mummy, or a Mummy-To-Be. Remember to groan a lot and walk with your arms in front of you like a zombie. You can buy a size or two up and easily take in the arms for the right fit or make your own with a white dress and strips of cheap muslin fabric. You can also get men’s mummy costumes or dress your partner up like the Mummy Hunter if you want to go out as a couple.

Figure Flattering Halloween Maternity Costumes:

  • Baby Doll Angel: The idea of a pregnant angel is certainly irreverent. You can easily pull this cute look off with a sexy, yet somewhat loose angel costume. One with a baby doll fit will accentuate your best features, while keeping a growing belly well covered.
  • Flapper Costume: With a loose fit, but still sexy style, the flapper Halloween costume is a great choice for covering up your growing bump. Do the hair in pin curls, add a long string of beads and the right heels to finish off the look. If you’re going as a couple, dress him up in a gangster costume.

When looking for pregnancy Halloween costumes, know that you can easily buy creative, pre-made maternity costumes online, adapt pre-made costumes to fit you, or make your own Halloween outfit if you have the time. And remember, always be comfortable and have fun with it. And stay away from the alchoholic punch! Baby can’t drink that stuff for another twenty years.

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