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Medusa Costumes for Halloween

As a powerful mythological icon, Medusa represents the strength that is woman. She’s able to turn men to stone with her beauty and omnipotent stare. Essentially, as the deadly seductress that she is, the exotic Medusa is the embodiment of a femme fatale and makes the perfect Halloween costume. This article covers the story behind the Medusa myth, great ideas on how to put together perfect Medusa costumes, and how to play the sexy Medusa part this Halloween.

The Medusa Myth

The first step to a great Medusa costume is understanding the mythological icon behind the woman. In Greek mythology, Medusa began her incarnation as a monster, one capable of turning onlookers to stone, and as part of a trio with her sisters, the Gorgons.

In later versions of the myth, particularly the one written by the Roman poet Ovid, Medusa begins life as a breathtaking beauty. After she is raped by the god Poseidon in Athena’s temple, the goddess Athena seeks her revenge by transforming Medusa’s hair into serpents and her face into one so monstrous and terrible she turns any man who looks at her into stone.

Like all myths, the mythology of Medusa evolves and changes through history. In many versions, the serpent-haired Medusa retains her beauty, but it is fierce and terrifying. In others, she becomes a monster. Medusa has been portrayed as many things – a monster, a beauty, a symbol of protection, a feminist icon, and even as a logo for Versace, the high-end fashion label. But, she is always a symbol of exotic female power.

How To Put Together a Great Medusa Halloween Costume

The overall look of a Medusa Halloween costume should be that of a fierce Grecian goddess. Begin your costume with a long gown and pick colors that invoke an imagery of snakes; like dark greens, aquas, blues, blacks, and golds. Add accessories like Greco-Roman lace-up sandals, golden bangles, or snake-themed jewelry to give your costume a finished look.

Finally, the ultimate touch that makes the Medusa look is her snake hair wig. Many costume vendors, like, will sell completed costumes that come with premade Medusa wigs or headpieces. If you’re crafty, you can also make your own by using a cheap wig as your base and then spraying and wiring up the wig hair into snake forms. Top off the costume headpiece by weaving and wiring in toy snakes, which you can buy at most dollar stores. You can then spray the wig all one color to blend everything in, or leave it as is.

Playing the Part of Medusa this Halloween

Powerful and beautiful, Medusa is bound to be a tad haughty. She is not only a mythological legend, but one capable of stopping even the strongest of men dead in his tracks. Play this fierce aspect of the Medusa character up and be sure to practice your ‘evil eye’ before you don your costume.

Remember, your character for the party is an exotic metaphor for sexual power too. She’s also a symbol of snakes. So, when playing the part of Medusa this Halloween, don’t forget to be extra sssssssensuoussss, extra sssssssexy, and extra sssssssseductive!

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