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Adult Costumes For Men – Confidence Mixed with a Little Haughtiness

Why let women have the entire spotlight? Men, at your next Halloween party, dress in the costume you’ve always been thinking about. A little daring and a lot of fun is what dressing up is all about! There are a great variety of sexy costumes for men, and the attitude goes with the role you play. Confidence, power and a little sense of danger will turn heads and make you the center of attention. Already manly and cool? Shatter that image by dressing as a ballerina! The idea is to let go of your usual routine for one night, become who you usually aren’t, and have a great time.

With that in mind, what costume should you pick? Well, that’s what we’re here for! Don’t worry, there’s more to being sexy than simply baring it all. It’s all in the attitude you project. To begin, you can search for a costume by theme by choosing a link on the left, but here’s a few popular ideas to get you started:

Police Men, Military Soldiers, Smokin’ Firemen – You have the public’s trust, and move around the room with an air of authority. You ooze confidence and power, and act like you are slightly above it all. As a police man, you can arrest anybody you want, and they are helpless in your power. As a fireman, you can save that special someone. A man in uniform is one of the sexiest costumes around, without revealing anything at all. Police Officer Adult
Playful Doctor – For extra fun, go to the party dressed as Dr. Love. You have to check others with your stethoscope, and where you put it is up to you and your object of attraction. Do your patients have a fever? Cure them with your expert touch! Dr. Phil Good  Adult
Dangerous Pirates and Vampires – You are dangerous and aggressive, and have that air of adventure which draws people to you. With a majestic confidence you boldly stride around the party, witty and sly, with a gold-tooth grin holding some secret booty you wouldn’t mind sharing! Blackheart The Pirate  Adult
Brooding Vampires – Dark, mysterious and brooding, your eyes hold the dark presence of some past romantic tragedy. Your mere presence sends shivers down the backs of all you pass – and more than a few flush and quickening veins you’ve love to sink your teeth into! Majestic Gothic vampire



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