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Naughty Christmas Elf Costume Ideas

Every Santa needs a helper and every Christmas tale needs its elf. Whether you’re looking for a sexy costume idea for an upcoming Christmas party or you want to bring some spice into your holiday romance, a naughty Christmas elf costume will definitely get you onto Santa’s naughty list this year!

Ring His Holiday Bell

A sexy Santa elf costume should be a little bit nice, but a lot more naughty. For that nice holiday feel, add a few trimmings like a splash of fake fur lining and a few bells. But to show off the naughty side of Santa’s little helper, pick a sexy elf costume that’s short enough to make him wonder what kind of presents are hiding under your Christmas tree.

Store-bought Christmas costumes are great and easy, and often need just one or two extra touches to really make them shine with the holiday ‘spirit.’ Start with a cute and sexy adult holiday costume of your choice, and add the right shoes, hair, makeup and accessories that will make him just die to unwrap his enticing gift.


Sexy elfin footwear is the perfect way to spike his eggnog this year. Opt for a spiky red heel, killer platform or a festive and white dominatrix boot. Remember, high heels elongate the leg, making it appear sleeker and sexier.


For sexy accessories, try something risqué like a little Santa sac full of surprises and presents especially for the bedroom. Ask him first if he’s been a good boy this year before you start dishing out all your sexy Christmas gifts and remember, there are twelve nights of Christmas, so try to save a little something for the next eleven.

Be sure to also pack a little Mistletoe. Tuck a sprig, fake or real, in your belt, purse or even your garter. If you’re wearing your elf costume to a Christmas party, wait for the right moment to pull it out and claim your well-earned holiday kiss.

Another cute accessory idea is to wrap yourself up in a big bow. Using a long strip of red fabric or oversized novelty ribbon, make a big red sash and tie it up in a bow. If you’re unveiling your new piece of sexy Christmas elf lingerie, this can be a great way to unveil the surprise. Unwrapping his present may be the best part.

Hair and Makeup

Add a splash of holiday glitter by opting for makeup with shimmer and shine. You’ll get a sexy holiday finish with shimmering whites and glowing golds. Give yourself a cold-weather flush with a dab of blush and a splash of water.

This Christmas, give the gift of yourself and let your Santa know that you’re ready to play naughty before you play nice! Happy holidays indeed!

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