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Naughty Nurse Costumes – A Classic Halloween Heart Stopper

The naughty nurse is a classic Halloween costume, one deeply rooted in B-movies and true sexy pin-up style. Simple to put together and instantly recognizable, a naughty nurse costumes ensemble will have all the patients at the party begging for a check up. Here are a few ways to spice up your outfit, get into your roleplay character and bring your partner into the fun too!

Nurse Halloween costumes are all about blending the innocent, all-white nurses’ uniform style with the sexy appeal of a hot caregiver. If you’re buying your costume online, a great option for those who don’t have time to sew patches and go hunting for a classic nurse’s hat, try enhancing your outfit with a few props; a thermometer for impromptu checkups; a big needle for a few pokes at the party; a nurse’s first aid kit that doubles as a purse; or my personal favorite, a tray of medication that’s actually full of little shots of alcohol. You’ll have ‘sick’ patients lining up for their daily dose all night.

When putting together your naughty Halloween costume, don’t forget your footwear! Pre-made nurse costumes are absolutely fantastic, but you don’t want to ruin the look with the wrong shoes. Go for sexy, white high-heels or platforms, maybe something with a rounded toe, to complete that hot nurse look.

How to Play the Part of a Naughty Nurse

Now, it’s time to get into character – you look the part, but can you play the part of a truly naughty nurse? Try roleplaying out the part of a nurse by shimmying up to Halloween party-goers to see if they’re in need of a check-up. Instead of shaking a new person’s hand, try checking their forehead for a fever. You could even get really frisky and start offering up full ‘exams,’ or custom treatments, maybe surprise party guests with a few innocent needle pokes. The possibilities are endless, but try to keep your wordplay and roleplay in the realm of the hospital and medical theme. It’ll keep you in character and make playing the part of the naughty nurse that much more fun.

Getting Your Partner in on the Costume Fun

You may want to dress up with your partner, whether for a Halloween party or a bit of fun at home. If you’re going as a couple, try dressing him up as a doctor, sexy intern or a sick and vulnerable patient. The costumes will compliment each other, add to your naughty medical theme and you’ll be able to play off one another. You can easily purchase hospital ‘scrubs’ online as well as any doctor accessories like a stethoscope or black medical bag. Again, the accessories will make the costume and he should be ready and willing to play the doctors’ part to really be a hit at the party.

The doctor or young intern could offer check ups and call on his sexy nurse (that’s you!) for assistance or he could prescribe treatment to be administered through a poke of your needle. Again, there are a number of ways the two of you can get into the roles of doctor and nurse or nurse and patient. And even if you miss the Halloween party, you’ll still have fun playing ‘doctor’ together.

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