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After the New Year’s Eve Ball: Resolving to Start the New Year with Romance

The bustle of Christmas is nearly over. You’ve shopped, wrapped, baked, cleaned, surprised the children and yes, even visited with your extended family. Thank goodness for New Year’s Eve! Whether you dress up and dance the night away at a New Year’s Eve ball, or choose to stay in and have your own private New Year’s Eve party, tonight is the night to set the tone for a romantic year to come. So, make this New Year’s special by resolving to start the New Year with romance.

Here are some tips to help set the mood for the next twelve months:

  1. Dress the part. Whether you put on that little black dress to dance the night away, or make it a quiet night at home – keep it special by carefully selecting an outfit that makes you feel sexy. Prep for your big night by spending some time in a scented bath, sipping some wine and lighting some candles. Take the time to care for yourself because when you feel well dressed, you can’t help but feel sexy.
  2. Break out the shimmer. New Year’s Eve is all about shimmer and spark. Dust yourself lightly with shimmer dust so that you sparkle in his arms. You can also be a little naughty and hide a shimmery lingerie surprise beneath your outfit for later, like a special garter belt, golden belly chain or a festive bra and panty set.
  3. Create moments of romance in the evening. Feed each other your favorite delicacies, pull him close for sweet surprise kisses, or whisper sexy promises in his ear. Remember, the stroke of midnight should not be the end of the night, rather the promise of a new beginning.
  4. After the ball drops, let the romance continue. Whisper alluring invitations into your loved one’s ear. Once you’re home, light the candles and bring champagne and ice to bed. Other romantic props like scented oils, soft music and playful toys will help you celebrate the night. Take your time; the New Year stretches before you.
  5. Make your New Year’s Resolutions for Romance. Get a New Year calendar, and together each write down the details of 6 fantasy dates. Make them fun, but realistic. Weekend vacations, ‘sex dates’, whatever it is that you want. Place them on the calendar, and discuss what it would take to make each one happen. Try something whimsical like Super Bowl weekend having a special ‘half-time show’ – an enterprising woman can find a sexy costume to spice up just about anything. Write the dates down, and promise to keep them.

Remember, New Year’s Eve marks the chance to start again. Renew and reinvigorate your love by using this opportunity to set the romantic tone for the next twelve months. This is the year to create the love life you want, it only takes a little imagination and lots of fun.

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