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Party Luau Style

The luau theme has taken parties by storm in recent years. Maybe it’s the fun of feeling like you’re on a tropical island, or the fun of drinking tropical drinks. Maybe it’s the skimpy clothes, the grass skirts, the leis.

Whatever it is, the luau theme can work well in the hot summer months. Planning a party with your partner is a fun way to get into the spirit of the sun and surf and the spirit of family.

Traditionally, luaus are way to celebrate the “ohana”, which is Hawaiian for family. That doesn’t mean just blood relatives, however, but also people who are united in the heart like family. So good friends, family members and even new friends can all qualify as ohana by Hawaiian standards.

So planning a luau is a great way for you and your partner to have fun thinking about who to invite, and how to entertain them.

In Hawaii, Luaus are usually held on the beach, but if you don’t have an ocean beach at your disposal, might have your luau on a riverbank or lakeside. You could have it at a sandy park, or in your backyard, with the right decorative elements brought in.


To add a true Hawaiian element, consider having everyone make leis (note, we didn’t say “get laid”) at the party.

Lei making is quite simple. Get a long sewing needle and a good amount of carpet thread or even dental floss. You can use real flowers, like plumeria (if you can find them), carnations or roses, or you can use artificial flowers that you’ve taken the stems off of. Simply thread the flowers onto a length of thread or floss and continue doing so until you have a lei the length you want. Then tie one on!

If you want this to be a romantic luau, have it right at sunset and take advantage of both the advancing night and the beauty of women and men in leis, grass skirts and warm weather clothing. So that means have plenty of tiki lights going, with no other lighting. You might add a string of lights to a fence or to your party pagoda, but keep the lighting low.

It’s also romantic to have the right soft music playing (Hawaiian in theme) and the right mingling of guests. That is, think about your guest list and, as whenever you plan a party, try and get a good mix of guests so that everyone has someone to talk to.

At the end of the night, be sure to let your guests take their lei with them.

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