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Plus Size Costumes – Extra Sexy At Any Party

Plus size Halloween costumes are easy to find online! While most costumes you’ll find in the stores are for standard sizes, internet merchants have a much better selection for you to look through. When you look for sizes, standard one-size is usually sizes 8-12, though different merchants will interpret their sizes differently. Often though, a costume will come in several variations, from small to extra large.

Whatever you decide, it’s more than likely you can find it in plussize. Then it’s time to party! Costume parties, usually for Halloween but increasingly for Christmas, Mardi Gras and even Independence Day, is a time for outrageous fun and a chance to unleash your sexy self. It’s easy to look great and feel sexy, especially when you wear your costume in character and with confidence and poise. Dressed as a movie star? Act like one! An Egyptian dancer? Reveal yourself slowly, dancing with eroticism to slowly sizzle your onlookers. It’s all about having fun and being someone you usually aren’t.

Need some costume ideas? If you can think of it, you’ll be able to find it.

Greek gods – Really now, how many skinny little bodies do you see in historical pictures of gods and goddesses? Athena, Venus, Mars and Zeus all hold a commanding and erotic presence.

Geisha – Japanese entertainers, alluring, sexy and mysterious.

Pirate wench – Ample bosom, a flowing skirt, and a swashbuckling sword!

Hercules – Show those sexy legs, strappy sandals, gleaming armor and your mighty presence!

Flashy rocker – Show off your bare-chested jumpsuit while signing autographs.

Alice in Wonderland – Gorgeous blue dress, white apron and a wild, trippy adventure!

Geisha Plus  Adult Pirate Woman Plus Size  Adult Gladiator (Leather) Plus  Adult
Get Your Geisha On How about gettin’ some high seas plunder? Ready for a Gladiator battle?


Find These Sexy Costumes At:

Plus Size Costumes at is the world’s largest Internet costume store (as certified by the Better Business Bureau), with over 10,000 items and growing. They offer no-hassle returns on most items, free shipping over $70, and have a 90% approval rating from over 25,000 customers on the customer review site

Henry & June Lingerie – Plus Sizes
Henry & June, founded in 1997, is an Arizona company specializing in lingerie and sexy costumes. A tasteful website, courteous and professional customer service, fast shipping and discreet packaging has allowed them to become a leading Internet retailer. They also sell women’s plus-size lingerie and costumes.

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