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Plus Size Renaissance Romance for Halloween

Who says they don’t make them like that anymore? During the renaissance and medieval period, the skinny gals padded their bums because meaty was in style. Robust was the flavor of the day.

Renaissance costumes are designed to accentuate a girl’s curves. Instead of “a few extra pounds,” the renaissance girls had “more to love” with several layers of flowing fabric, gowns in dramatic colors with romantic accents like bodices, petticoats, puffy sleeves and doublets. The ample bosoms and voluptuous lines of Rubens and other Baroque artists are testaments of what is ideal beauty.

European Nobleman and Woman

Recreating a Renaissance or Baroque style can take many forms. You can dress as a European noblewoman in fine brocade fabric with a long, flowing cape, skirt and tight bodice with a collar completely covering your neck. High powdered up wigs and large, bulky jewels make you stand out. In the social class system, you are second only to Royalty.

You can play the part by generally looking down upon everyone and showing emotional restraint. The plague, highway robberies and gypsy curses have no affect upon you. You are untouchable. You spend your days being entertained by fawning courtiers. You attend parties and gossip. You make it your business to see that no one marries above or below his or her rank. In the bedroom, you’ll need to summon your modern personality, because these noblewomen felt that it was barbaric to enjoy sex or even to be seen naked. Seems like such a waste, because the dresses were so beautiful! However, if nobody bathed back then …

Your Nobleman gets to wear the same type of upholstery fabric, only he gets to wear what amounts to a skirt and tights, with a v-cut plunging waistband and long sleeves with puffy shoulders. There was a time when a girl would have looked at all that finery and found a desirable man of quality. If you find the whole look more clownish than sexy, just tell yourself “He’s wearing that for me” and suddenly, it will all be handsome again.

Of course, you can just rush ahead a couple hundred years and wear pants, or at least a long jacket. breeches and thigh-high Renaissance Boots.

King and Queen

Similar in fabric and stuffiness, the King and Queen have the obvious addition of crowns, which, if you’re a fan of Shakespeare-inspired movies, can be very sexy. Royalty wears deep (royal) purples and bright reds, shades that were not available to even the nobles. Rich, fur lined capes and jeweled crowns will make everyone at the party bow down to you. If not, you can have them beheaded, naturally.

Bawdy Peasants

For all-around sex appeal, the peasants are a no-contest win. Just picture the St Pauly Beer girl, the life of the tavern, with gigantic mugs of mead (medieval honey brew.) Nothing says romance more than the long, curly hair flowing in romantic ripples over the white peasant blouse with a shapely bust-enhancing lace-up bodice over a long, flowing skirt!

The medieval and renaissance peasant girl has graced the cover of thousands of romance novels. She works hard and she plays hard. She can drink and dance with the rowdiest of boys. She might even beat her man in an arm wrestling match (after he’s had a few drinks.) No wimpy princesses here, these girls are self-assured and confident.

Plus size renaissance costumes often consist of a bodice, skirt and top. You’ll need to get your own footwear. Barefoot is popular at a grassy renaissance faire, but for safety’s sake on Halloween simple sandals should be the minimum. In reality, they probably wore lace-up boots or leather slippers.

For a peasant man, you will wear a leather jerkin vest, a simple loose “bag” shirt, a flat cap, regular trousers with a belt and pouch and soft leather boots. Keep a couple buttons undone on your shirt – after all, you’re all hot from the fields, and need some ale served by your favorite lass.

Choose colors that suit your complexion and keep that in mind when you’re looking at wigs, too. If your hair is naturally long and curly then you’re in luck. You might have a hairstyle that’s easily adaptable for a renaissance outfit already. Braiding ribbons into your hair, or a wreath of lavender or ivy are popular, too.

Whether you decide to go with the stately royal renaissance look, the noble courtier or the lowly peasant, you’ll find the stylings of the renaissance period are suited just fine for a plus sized body. In that era, it was considered healthy to actually have some meat on your bones. Enjoy, celebrate your beautiful, sexy self and cut loose this Halloween with a costume that flaunts your curves.

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