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Queen of Hearts Costume a Sexy Choice

There are many great reasons for choosing to dress as the Queen of Hearts this Halloween, but perhaps the best reason is the catch phrase that goes with the costume.

“Off with their heads!” will become your refrain if you choose this costume. You can play it tough, or you can use that tough girl exterior to hint at the seductive beast within. It’s your call.

And maybe that’s the best part of this costume – there’s a real dichotomy here and it’s a fun one. You can be sexy and seductive, or mean and nasty. The two are on opposite ends of the spectrum but also work in tandem, if you know how to pull it off.

Who is the Queen of Hearts? She’s the nasty-tempered monarch from Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. She rules with an iron fist but is often (silently) overruled by her husband, the King of Hearts. Nonetheless it’s safe to say that she rules the roost and probably controls much in the household.

Variations on the Queen of Hearts Costume

There are two ways to wear the Queen of Hearts costume. For a straightforward approach, you can literally wear a Queen of Hearts playing card. This is a fun and funky costume and one that works well with your partner’s King of Hearts card costume.

Another version is a regal, terrible Queen of Hearts. A bulky, commanding royal dress of reds, blacks and whites. This will be closer to the character in the book, which is an obvious caricature of Queen Victoria (though the real queen never used the chopping block to solve her problems.)

But we think the version that’s more fun is a sexy Queen of Hearts costume. She’s the one that wears the short skirt, the oversized stand-up collar in the back and the super high heels necessary for towering over her subjects.

Here’s how we see a sexy Queen of Hearts costume. We’ll start from the bottom up, because, well, it’s just fun that way. So we start with the shoes. They must be high heels, and if you’re working for a sensual but demanding, queen, they should be high enough that it’s clear who is reigning over this party.

Those feet and legs should likely be encased in white tights, or – better yet – thigh high stockings. The skirt should be short, poofy and in black and red. Those, after all, are the colors of the Queen of Hearts playing card. Think satin and tulle for the skirt. The top will will a plunging neckline, and could be a halter top, or a tank top, or a laced corset. It will accentuate the breasts, because this queen knows how to use her myriad of powers.

Finally, your costume should have some kind of “queenly” collar that stands up behind the head and announces to the world that – look out – the queen has arrived and is full of blind fury!

If you want to go statelier and a little less sexy, you can purchase or make a costume that features a full-length gown, similar to something a real queen would wear. You can pull of the sexy aspect by keeping the bodice low-cut and the lingerie underneath, shall we say, dangerous. Make sure to stick with the essential Queen of Hearts color scheme – black, red and white.

Throttling a Pink Flamingo

Don’t forget the accessories! If you know the story, you will remember that the Queen loves a good game of croquet. In this case, though, the mallets were flamingos, the balls were hedgehogs, and the arches were soldiers standing on their hands and feet to form them.

So, bringing a pink flamingo to the party would get a couple laughs, until you knot your eyebrows in fury and shout “Off with your heads!”

While in costume, play up this fun role. Remember – a woman with power can be enticing to men. You can roleplay this to the hilt, acting haughty yet horny, iron-fisted, yet in-the-mood. Have fun with this.

If moving this roleplay right into the bedroom, “Off with their heads!” can take on an entirely different meaning!

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