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Queen of the Butterflies

Many of us fixate on the typical costumes each and every year if we want to look feminine, pretty, or even sexy. Women tend to gravitate towards princess or even fairy costumes because they seem to embrace everything beautiful about being a woman and yet they can even have special accents added to make them on the sexy side.

The truth is that there is one costume idea that is often overlooked and it works quite well for that perfect womanly costume. Have you ever considered dressing the part of a butterfly? This is the ultimate feminine costume as it’s cute, it’s flowy, and it can be a really fun way to dress up for that next costume party.

Natural Grace at Play

Sexy monarch butterfly costumeSometimes the most beautiful and sexiest costumes are the ones that embrace something so natural. When you think of something like a monarch butterfly, it’s just gorgeous as it flutters through the sky and brings a smile to people’s faces. The gorgeous iridescent colors that are natural in a butterfly make the perfect backdrop for a costume.

You can either go out and purchase a costume in a pretty pastel color with some nice glittery accents or you can even make your own. Start with the basics—you want either a dress, a skirt and dress, or even a tight bodysuit in a pretty pastel color. Think of options like pink, purple, or green that embody the feminine look.

If you can find an outfit or costume with iridescent colors then that’s even better, or at the very least look for glitter. This will start the butterfly costume out on the right foot and help to make you “Queen of the Butterflies”.

Move Into the Accents

Sexy sweet butterfly costumeYou want to quickly add the accents that make the butterfly costume special. You absolutely must have wings and if your costume doesn’t come with them, then this is a simple accessory to buy separately. Be sure that they are in the perfect color or with the right feminine look to carry out the butterfly look to the fullest. The accents also happen to be where you can really have fun with this costume and look.

You can even dress it up with some pretty feminine jewelry like a long flowing necklace that show that you are truly “Queen of the Butterflies” with all the right accents. If you want to take it up a notch and take this butterfly costume from flowing and beautiful to siren then add in a few special touches to showcase that. Try some fishnet stockings, you can easily find them in a pretty pastel to keep with the costume and theme. Then add some hot stilettos that say ‘yes I’m a butterfly, and I’m a sexy one!’ This can take the costume in a whole new direction and really help to make it fun.

A Great Alternative

Anybody can dress up as a fairy or a princess because it’s been done before and it will be done again. When you dress as a butterfly you are giving a pretty costume a nice modern twist and even embracing nature. This is the quintessential costume for a woman, particularly if you want to embrace something beautiful. You can really have fun with this and go crazy with all the pastel and iridescent accents in everything from makeup to hair color and even gloves for that perfectly matched look. You will truly feel like “Queen of the Butterflies” in no time at all! If you want to make it sexy then just embrace your sassy feminine side and go wild with this fun, beautiful animal and embrace your free spirit side.

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