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Quick and Easy Halloween Costumes

So, the costume party is tonight and you don’t have a costume? Or maybe you’re a procrastinator and just want to be sure you won’t foul up at the last minute? Don’t worry, there are plenty of cute costumes you can whip up on short notice. Use these inspiring tips to come up with quick and easy Halloween costumes that look like you spent hours piecing together.

The Secretary and the CEO Costume

If you happen to have a corporate-style business suit, open the top few buttons and wear it with your highest heels. An updo with a few hanging tendrils, a pair of dark-rimmed glasses and nylon panty hose with a seam up the back complete the look. As you put the look together, ask yourself “If I walked out of the store room like this, would the girls giggle?” Carry a briefcase, a few file folders or a manila envelope, just so you look like you’re working. Men can wear a three-piece business suit, a little hair gel and loosen up their tie.

The Lost Hikers Costumes

Ladies, toss on a pair of khaki shorts or even cutoff denim jeans, high top hiking boots and a white tank top. Braid your hair if it’s long enough, or tie a bandanna into a scarf. If you’re going for a sexy hiker look, make sure your shorts are rolled up or cut short. Vaseline or baby oil rubbed on your legs will make them look sweaty, like a real hiker. Just for effect, wear a backpack and carry a water bottle. Men can toss on an Indiana Jones hat and dig up some dirty Halloween fun.

Sexy Chef Costume

A kitchen apron can turn any lingerie into a sexy chef costume. Just for effect, you could carry a notepad and “take orders.” Tonight’s chef specials; tube steak, oysters, chocolate covered cherries, head cheese, hard salami, a banana split, rump roast, cherry pie, and a rack (of ribs)!

Daisy Duke Costume

Wear short cutoff jeans, high heels, and a button-down shirt tied right between the breasts. Daisy Duke was the fantasy of boys all over the U.S. for several years. With her glamour girl 1980’s hair, full face of makeup, dimwitted personality and half-naked country bumkin duds, she made cowboys everywhere wanna roll in the hay. In fact, a few pieces of straw behind the ear would be cute, too. On Dukes of Hazard, Daisy would sometimes chew a piece of straw.

Naughty School Girl Costume

A simple white button-down shirt, plaid skirt and Mary janes with knee socks makes a great school girl costume. Pigtails and a necktie (loose, of course) finish off the look. A book in hand would make a great prop. You could stop at a convenience store and pick up some pink bubblegum or a big swirly lollipop, to suck on. Boys can tie a sweater around their neck and pair it with a white polo shirt and pleated pants. Just for kicks, sneak under the bleachers for a little while or smoke in the bathroom. You might get detention, but sometimes it’s worth it.

Gothic Vamp Costume

Black everything is the key to pulling off this look. Try swiping your dog’s spiked collar, and sharpen that black eyeliner. Black lipstick, a black corset and some black combat boots in addition to plenty of silver jewelry make the look complete.

Bikini Car Wash Girl Costume

This one is so easy; all you need is a bikini! You can get a giant sponge and a cardboard car wash sign for special effects. If you don’t want to bare your bum as much, you can cover up your backside with a pair of low-rise cutoff jeans, and flip flips are, of course, the best kind of footwear with a bikini. You can’t wash a car in heels.

Be imaginative! Take a look at your sportswear, uniforms and off-season clothing. Raid every closet in the house. Chances are, you can come up with a few ideas of your own. Pay attention to every detail, the accessories and the hairstyle, and you can come up with quick and easy Halloween costumes at the last minute!

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