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Looking Tempting in a Red Riding Hood Costume

If you’re not familiar with the story, Little Red Riding Hood is sent into the woods with a basket full of goodies to deliver to her sick grandmother. As she scampers along through woodland trails, a big bad wolf stalks her. Throughout the story, he attempts to get a cookie from her basket and she says no.

Determined to get some of her goodies, he sneaks into the Grandmother’s house and gobbles up the grandmother. He then puts on Grandma’s clothes and lies in bed, waiting for Little Red. When she arrives, she can tell something is amiss, and naively states “Grandmother, what big eyes you have…” and then remarks about Grandmother’s nose and teeth, at which point the Wolf says “Al the better to eat you with!” and he chases her around the bed and finally eats her up. A lumberjack overhears the commotion, cuts open the wolf and frees them all. Of course, they all live happily ever after.

You’ve got to wonder if the Brothers Grimm intended for the story to have such strong sexual symbolism, or maybe we’re just a little twisted these days. Either way, we’re not the only ones. Remember the suggestive lyrics of the 1966 San Sham and the Pharoes song; “Hey there, Little Red Riding Hood. You sure are looking good…” and in the 17th century, wearing a red cape was a good way for prostitutes to advertise their profession, much like the red light bulbs that came into fashion in later years.

Bringing Out the Big Bad Wolf

There are several ways to maximize the sexy in your red riding hood costume. If you’re dressing up with someone else, have him be a big scary wolf, or even a wolf disguised as grandmother. A lumberjack costume would also be great for Red Riding Hood’s date, though it’s not as well known.

Red Riding Hood’s Basket

A covered picnic basket with a red checked fabric liner makes the best goody basket. You can fill yours with home baked cookies, if you think the best way to a wolf’s heart is through his belly. If you can’t cook, you could take the shortcut through the woods and fill it with goodies from the bakery or marital aids section.

It’s important not to let the wolf get your goodies. He must be sneaky, sly and cunning in order to get to the goodies. Protect your goodies from the wolf. Always be on the lookout. Remember what your mother said! You don’t just lend your cookies out for anyone.

Red Riding Hood’s Cape

A cape is one of the easiest costume pieces to make, and even a beginning seamstress can handle the job. It basically starts with just a semicircular piece of fabric. Two or three seams, depending upon whether or not you want a hood (kind of mandatory with this costume, unless you want to be called Little Red Riding.)

Before you purchase or make a cape, decide whether you want it to be long or short. A long cape can cover an outfit of red lingerie. Who needs a basket when you can hide goodies in your cape? A short cape can cover a short, girlish dress and reveal your legs. Short capes are cheaper to make and if your dress is cute you’ll want to show it off.

Red Riding Hood’s Dress

True to Red Riding Hood’s girlish charm, many women who dress as Red wear a short dress, sometimes with a square-dancing type petticoat underneath. A red tutu with a red bustier might work also. If you’re going for the long red cape with lingerie underneath, you can wear red or black. If you’re rollplaying in the bedroom, consider maybe wearing nothing at all. Wouldn’t that surprise the wolf!

Red Riding Hood is a great sexy costume, and easy to customize for your body type. If you’re going as a couple, the wolf is easy to pull together. A big grannie dress, a tail, ears and make-up. A lumberjack costume is simply flannel shirt, jeans and an ax.

When you finally get to Grandmother’s house (your home), you can finish the story any way you wish!

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