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Renaissance Faires

Couples looking to spice up their love lives might consider heading out to a Rennaisance faire.

We know, we know. It doesn’t sound like something that will serve to improve your love life, but hear us out. Couples who go to Renaisance faires often dress the part, and enjoy wearing costumes that take them into another world. You can be a little dangerous, a little naughty, or a little innocent and sweet. Do you see how this might add a little fun to your own personal life?

Renaissance faires have been around for more than 50 years, but have experienced a real resurgence in interest in recent years. Mostly held in the summer, people head out to Renaissance faires to enjoy watching a variety of authentic period activities like jousting, jugglers, magicians and musicians.

Although you might hear of a Renaissance faire being held in the town over in an empty parking lot, they can also take on a huge feel, leading people to think of them as more like an amusement park than a simple day (or weekend) out.

Most Renaissance Faires can be held to recreate the world during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, as that period is seen as the central time of the English Renaissance. Some faires will recreate period during the reign of Henry VIII, or the French Renaissance in general.

The best part of the faire is the element of fantasy. People from all walks of life enjoy dressing up and literally escaping into another world for the day or weekend. This can provide a needed and welcome break from the monotony of day-to-day life and bring you to a time that – though difficult in many ways – was also much simpler.

Certainly, the fun of dressing up is that element of being able to get involved in the fantasy. If the guy dresses as a knight and the girl as the damsel in distress, the costumes are appropriate and relevant to the Renaissance Faire, but also fun to role play at home … do you rescue your fair maiden and treat her like the queen she is? Or are you a ruthless cavalier who will take advantage of the situation? Decisions, decisions!

Dressing up need not be difficult. You can purchase costumes (click the search box below to see what you find), or make your own. Many faire goers opt to purchase a costume that they can use year after year. Newbies might want to put together something for the first outing and, if it’s going to become a regular thing, purchase one. You can also purchase costumes at the faire itself, and there will likely be participants and vendors who will actually hand-sew you one for a more authentic feel. (Best not get that one stained!)

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