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Renaissance Faire Costume Ideas

If you and your partner enjoy the medieval period, chances are you know about Renaissance Faires. During the spring, summer and fall, various locations within the U.S. and Canada host some sort of festival, complete with jousting, crafts and good fun. Roleplay and dressing in costume is not mandatory when going to these outdoor gatherings, but it is certainly recommended if you want to get into a festive mood.

Renaissance costumes have exploded in popularity in recent years as more and more people discover the allure of Renaissance faires, at which people enjoy activities like juggling, jousting and other things that are relevant to the Renaissance period. Most take place in the reign of Queen Elizabeth the First, but others take place in different time periods.

These faires can be simple, and relatively small, or large drawn-out affairs that feel a bit like an amusement park. Visitors enjoy food, decorations and activities that are true to the time of the Renaissance period.

But the core of the Renaissance faire is the costumes. Everyone – from the workers to the children who attend the faire with their parents – dress in costume. Costumes can be simple or elaborate. They can depict noblepersons or they can represent the working class – the tavern worker and peasant.

Couples who head to Renaissance faires enjoy the element of roleplay and escaping into another world for a day (or the weekend). Doing this together helps them to bond as a couple, since in costume they can have fun playing a role with each other and other people.

But the costumes and roleplay often doesn’t have to stop outside the fair. You can bring those costumes home and have some fun with roleplay at home. The options are endless:

  • You guys could be a tavern worker and you ladies could be a tavern wench. She’s easy and maybe even drunk. Score!
  • The guy could be a tavern worker and she a noblewoman. What’s sexier than getting a straight-laced royal to drop their drawers?
  • She could be a wench and he a nobleman. His sense of control won’t get him too far with the experience she brings to the table (or bed, in this case). This could make for some interesting bedroom give and take!
  • You both could be dressed as noble people. Although this lends itself to noble and proper behavior while in public, who know what goes on behind closed doors?
  • Perhaps you’re both dressed as peasants. It’s hard work being a peasant, but at the end of the day, a little stress relief is a good thing.

What’s fun about these costumes is the element of “anything can happen”. The roleplay can be gentle and delicate, or it can be down and dirty. Just have fun with it.

One of the most popular costumes for men is a tavern worker and for women, it’s a queen costume. Like some of the better costume combinations, this lends itself to many interesting roleplay scenarios.

Have some fun with this. It’s about fun, really. After a rough week in our techno-savvy and complicated world, it can be fun to retreat to a world so much different and just relax into it. Though certainly not an accurate depiction of Medieval life (which was often brutal and short), sometimes it’s good to idealize the down-to-earth, pastoral and festive nature of life before the Industrial Revolution and cubicles. That’s what Renaissance faires are all about.

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