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Be Generous this Halloween – Dress as Robin Hood

Whether he was real or imaginary, Robin Hood left an imprint on society, both in the medieval area and today’s contemporary culture.

Maybe it’s the idea that this merry man and his band of equally merry men were able to do so much for so many, or maybe it’s the lore of a happy band of guys running through the country creating justice and doing away with tyranny.

Whatever the appeal, it’s something that endures today. That means that Robin Hood is a popular costume choice for Halloween. In costume, you can add merriment to the party and enjoy sparking fun and excitement by creating a fun environment for all.

Interested in bring Robin Hood to life this Halloween? It’s not too difficult to do, if you understand the character.

Being Robin Hood For Halloween

Robin Hood was thought to be an outlaw who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. He and his band of “merry men” supposedly were focused specifically on one part of England – it’s believed that they took up residence in the Sherwood Forest area of Nottinghamshire. In the medieval era, a “merry-man” was actually a companion or follower of a knight or an outlaw.

To this day, there are many nods to Robin Hood and his merry band of thieves throughout Nottinghamshire, including road signs that depict Robin Hood, and a large oak tree that is believed to have been a hideout for Robin Hood.

Robin Hood’s signature dress was a green tunic-style shirt and pointed hat. He is always depicted carrying a bow and arrow (you can incorporate this in whatever way seems appropriate, as long as you don’t shoot anybody), and boots (green is best). Alternate costumes include a brown pantsuit with boots. Make sure there’s always a feather in your Robin Hood cap!

To help in your research, Errol Flynn’s depiction of Robin Hood is definitely worth watching, though most people will refer to Kevin Costner’s depiction. Robin Hood: Men in Tights is a great comedy from Mel Brooks.

Maid Marian or Racy Robin Hoodess!

Now, although Robin Hood was busy stealing from the rich to give to the poor, he was a man after all, and it’s believed that Maid Marian stole not his riches but his heart.

Maid Marion might wear a long velvet gown (also with a feather in her cap), or she might wear a green tunic just like Robin Hood, sans the pants underneath (and who knows — maybe that was the attraction for Robin Hood).

For those Maid Marians who want to have just a bit more fun, check out or make a racy version of Robin Hood. This female version excites with more than just riches! Her Robin Hood costume features over-the-knee boots and a short green skirt. You might even want to include a little cleavage and a small purse attached to the belt – in case she collects any treasures herself.

Although Robin Hood and Maid Marion stand on their own as costumes (Robin Hood decidedly more so than Maid Marion), these two can head to a party together and favor much attention. Consider Robin Hood and a Racy Robin hood together – now that’s an attention getter! Or maybe Robin Hood accompanies his Maid Marion to the party, and both are generous in their attentions to others.

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