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Roman Goddess Costumes

What woman doesn’t want to feel like a goddess? Women love that feeling and it can therefore make for the perfect costume. You don’t have to know a lot about Greek or Roman mythology to embrace this popular theme into your costume. Not only are there plenty of costume options, but you can really make this a sexy and gorgeous one to wear. Embrace your inner goddess, get out all the accents, and see how you transform with a few of the right touches. This is a popular costume idea with good reason because it makes a woman feel like a woman and is sure to wow all the men in the room!

Raised on a Pedestal

When we think of goddesses through history, the reason that so many of us like them is that they were raised on a pedestal – quite literally! This signifies the time in history when goddesses were worshipped and praised by their followers. We see this through history and through the costumes that were associated with this day.

You can go for the classic costume or even create your own as there is a very distinct look to this. You want to find a gorgeous form fitting costume or dress that has a high waist band, think of an empire style for example. It has to be flowing, beautiful, and should be in pretty colors like white and gold. You want to find some gorgeous jewelry and really put some time and effort into your makeup as the feminine look is so much of what this costume and this look is all about. You will immediately feel that you are raised up on a pedestal as soon as your costume starts to take shape. Instant goddess equals instant sex appeal too!

Go for a Classic

You can think of some of the classic goddesses such as Venus, Athena, Cleopatra, or even Medusa for a more devilish twist. We prefer going for the devilish twist through a Medusa costume or Aphrodite as the goddess of Love. These are two of the most popular and they are sexy sirens as well as being fairly easy to execute. Consider a costume such as a tight fitting white dress that has long flowy sleeves with a gold belt and gold accent. This serves well for any type of goddess costume as it’s fitting and oh so hot in keeping with the look and feel of this theme.

Medusa sexy goddess costume Greek Goddess Aphrodite Venus costume

If you go for Medusa then be sure that you tease your hair up to get that messy and villainous look that she embodies. If you go for Aphrodite then consider some flowing pink scarves to signify love or perhaps a shorter and pleated dress to show off a bit of love and sex appeal. So long as you capture the basic look of a Greek or Roman goddess with the basic attire, then you’ve got it and you can accent or personalize it however you want.

Make It Your Own

The jewelry alone can help to make this look classic, personalized, and sexy all at the same time. Consider getting some gold jewelry like gold bangles, a tight snake like bracelet that wraps around the upper arm, some big gold hoop earrings, and of course a tight gold choker for the necklace.

Then let your hair either flow freely and naturally as that’s in line with the look and of course very sexy. You want to get a simple but elegant crown or headband that shows off that you are the goddess and that you demand respect. Some hot gold boots or stilettos can really take this costume from classic Greek goddess to hot and sexy in no time. Have fun with this look and make it your own and the people at this party are sure to worship you!

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