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Romeo & Juliet Costumes

Passionate and classic, Romeo and Juliet are the embodiment of true love and romance. Their heartbreaking story is an interesting fit for Halloween, while the two star-crossed lovers also make a great costume choice for couples looking for outfits they can wear together. This article covers a summary of Shakespeare’s cherished story, tips on creating sexy Romeo & Juliet costumes, as well as great ideas for playing the part of literature’s most famous couple.

Shakespeare’s Story

Before you can become Shakespeare’s infamous lovers, you must know their story. The play is a tragedy, one featuring the children of two feuding families in Verona, Juliet of the Capulets and Romeo of the Montagues.

The two main characters first meet when Romeo sneaks into a Capulet party wearing a mask. Upon seeing the beautiful maiden Juliet, he falls instantly and hopelessly in love. He believes it is fate that brought her to him. Eventually, despite the danger brought upon them by their battling families, they discover and pronounce their love for one another and decide to marry in secret.

After their secret marriage and consummation, the feud between the two families escalates and Romeo is banished from Verona, while Juliet’s father declares she is to marry another. Her confidante and friend, Friar Laurence, advises Juliet to take a potion that will simulate death, thus allowing her lover, Romeo, to whisk her away. She takes the potion, and everyone believes she has died, even Romeo. Upon seeing his Juliet dead, Romeo takes a poison, kisses his love, and dies. Once Juliet awakens and realizes her Romeo is dead, she stabs herself, dying also.

It’s a tragic story, one steeped in themes of forbidden love and retribution that comes too late.

Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet Costumes

For the Maiden of Verona, you’ll want a costume that captures the spirit and look of the late Renaissance. Consider adapting an existing Elizabethan or Renaissance costume, making your own, or seeking out pre-made Juliet costumes.

If you have short hair, you’ll want to purchase a wig. Juliet was young, so her hair would have been worn either loose or in a simple braid. The makeup should be light and pale. Try a light, ivory tone or a white-ish shade if that’s not working on your skin. Powder your face, dab some blush on, and use any eye makeup very sparingly.

For a Romeo costume, think Italian Renaissance, not knight in shining armor. A costume with a thigh-length tunic (or panne), and a cap will do the trick. Bring a rose as your prop.

Playing the Part For Halloween

To really role play the parts of Romeo and his storybook lover Juliet Capulet, try to learn a few lines from the play. You’ll impress other party guests as the two of you trade poetry about your undying, yet forbidden love. If you are unable to find a copy, a number of websites publish the full text of the play. Try this site for a nicely indexed version. The infamous balcony scene takes place in Act 2, Scene 2.

If you’re the literary sort, realize that when Romeo & Juliet first meet in Act 1, Scene 5, their conversation is actually a disguised 14-line sonnet, complete in the rhyming iambic pentameter poetic tradition. (Ha, and people think an arts degree is worthless!)

For some added character, keep yourselves separated at the party, using only secretly delivered notes as your means of communication and way of arranging a hush-hush rendez-vous in the coat room. Remember, you’re living out the love of the ages, but it was one that was strictly forbidden and very dangerous.

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