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Sailor Moon Costumes

Sailor moon is an unforgettable anime character who is a carefree high school girl with the power to transform herself and fight evil. She is one of the most iconic anime characters in the world thanks to her hairstyle and unique looks. In the series, she has a boyfriend that refers to her as ‘usako’, which is a affectionate nickname that translates into child. She is every anime lover’s fantasy and offers viewers a taste of innocence and vulnerability.

Because Sailor moon can transform, there are multiple different Halloween costume options. However, most include a long blonde wig with a mini skirt. The main colors of her costume are normally bright blue and red, which is sure to make you stand out. Here are additional versions of Sailor Moon in her different forms:

  • Sailor Moon: Sailor moon starts off as an intimated and frightened school girl that constantly needs help. Although Sailor Moon is late to class and gets bad grades, she is different than other soldiers because she is passionate and caring about others around her. Eventually she begins to gain confidence and accept her identity as the ‘soldier of love and justice.’ As she continues to learn and grow, Sailor Moon begins to gain additional powers. During this time she is wearing the red and blue outfit with a skirt. Blue is used as the main color, and red as an accent. At this time her style is fairly basic, but it will change.
  • Princess Serenity: This princess is forbidden to visit the earth, but often does so in order to see the grass and trees. On one of her adventures, she falls in love. Princess Serenity often has silver or blue hair with bright blue eyes.
  • Princess Sailor Moon: This form of Sailor Moon differs in style, and she dresses fancier. All of her dresses are trimmed with either a dainty white lace or string of pearls. Her skirt was still blue, yet it was fluffier and had white petticoats under it. She finished off her look by wearing white books with an accent of red at the top.
  • Neo Queen Serenity: Sailor moon also eventually transforms into Neo Queen Serenity, the queen of the silver millennium. This look is sexier than previous costumes, with the shoulder pieces cut out in order to bear more skin. The set of wings she wears on her back adds to the ambiance of the fantasy. She also has stunning like long blonde hair and soft make up to compliment her deep blue eyes. She appears to be in her early to mid thirties and wears soft pastel colors, like light purple and pink. Neo Queen Serenity is over 1,000 years old and she concludes the final transformation of Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon costumes

Dressing up as an anime character is becoming very popular – not just for Halloween, but at anime and cosplay conventions popping up all over the country. Sailor Moon, as one of the first anime characters to become popular in North America (following on the success of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), these characters will instantly be recognizable and loved.

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