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Head of the Class: School Girl Halloween Costumes

Classic, sexy school girl costumes are some of the easiest to put together and the most fun to pull off (as an outfit, not literally, well…maybe). School girl Halloween costumes are great because they combine that playful, tongue-in-cheek innocence with the sexy appeal of a short skirt and knee-high socks. Read on to find out here how to put together a killer sexy school girl costume, play the part of a sultry student ready for detention, and work your partner into the costume mix.

Putting Together The Ultimate Schoolgirl Halloween Costume

If you’re having a bit of trouble fitting into your old uniform skirt, don’t worry because there are a number of costume options available online that include sexy, short kilts and button-up shirts ranging from the teasingly tight to a full halter top style.

If you do go online for a school girl costume, it’s important to fill it out with little accessories and those extra touches that not only bring the outfit to life, but also add a bit of you into the mix. First, your hair – try a ponytail or pig tail braids that will instantly give you the look of a youthful innocent, a crucial element of schoolgirl style.

Next, your accessories – try a little tie for that classic school girl charm; a pencil in your hair to show you’re ready for learning; or an apple for teacher as a cute and suggestive prop.

Finally, your legs – knee-high socks and sexy, black shoes are both a must. Knee-highs are the ultimate in innocent-yet-slutty style (and they make your legs look thinner). The shoes should be black Mary-Janes or Oxfords, both of which can be found in a high-heel.

How to Roleplay the Part of a Schoolgirl

From snapping your gum to twirling your ponytails, everything you do should compliment your Halloween school girl costume. The more you’re in character, the better your costume will be. Here are ten things you can do throughout the night to keep up your sexy school girl persona;

  1. Keep piles of bubblegum on hand. Try to blow bubbles.
  2. Ask partygoers for some extra help with your ‘homework.’
  3. Use your pencil or paper airplanes to get people’s attention.
  4. Bring some chalk or tape to lay out a hopscotch board. Get playing.
  5. Offer up games of tic-tac-toe, try to get triple X’s.
  6. Carry lollipops, hand them out to guests and make sure you enjoy one yourself.
  7. Skip.
  8. Accidentally drop your school books, bend over to pick them up.
  9. Try to get a game of spin-the-bottle started.
  10. Ask guests if you’ll be seeing them in detention.

Remember, you can have a lot of fun with the school girl costume, so enjoy yourself and make the most out of Halloween.

How to Make a Schoolgirl Costume a Couples’ Costume

If you’re bringing your man along with you, try dressing him up as a teacher (careful he doesn’t punish you for being naughty in the classroom), or a hunky varsity player ready to sweep you off your feet. Dress him up in a blazer with leather elbow patches or a varsity jacket and a football. Either way, you two will have loads of fun sending one another to detention!

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