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Sexy Accessories – Add that Final Touch to Your Costume

Most costumes you will find only come with the basics based on the theme you buy. To complete your sexy outfit, you can buy the accessories you need at the same time. Costume accessories can be anything from wigs, shoes and a sword to smaller items that add style to your look, such as a necklace, a tiara, or perhaps fake eyelashes. Of course, don’t forget the makeup.

When buying a costume, find out what it comes with. For instance, fairy costumes or nurse uniforms rarely come with panty hose and sexy heels. Cheerleader outfits don’t come with pompoms. Vampires need teeth, cowboys need a hat and rope, and pirates certainly need a swashbuckling sword. It’s good to so some basic research before having your costume shipped. It’s annoying to order your costume and then realize you need some extra accessories, which you either have to run around to find or order again online.

If it’s a historical character, study them to find out what else they wore. If it’s somebody from a movie, watch it to see what they usually had in their possession. For fantasy costumes, stylize your look with the theme. If you’re a mermaid, think of a long wig, a seashell necklace, and perhaps even a seaweed boa to wrap around you! If you can’t find it online, make it yourself. For instance, the seaweed boa could be various pieces of plastic vines wrapped around each other to make a long piece of vegetation.

For professions, such as a doctor, carry a giant inflatable syringe! A stethoscope is a given, but it’s usually not included with the initial costume. Here’s some ideas of types of accessories to look for to complete your outfit:

  • Footwear – Sexy high heels for nymphs, maids and queens. Imposing boots for knights, kings and pirates.
  • Wigs – Golden locks for your fairy-tale character such as Goldilocks, a mermaid, a nymph or a goddess. Wild black hair for open-shirted pirates and warriors.
  • Armor and Weapons – shields, swords, daggers, helmets, gauntlets. A little bit of danger goes a long way.
  • Jewelry – For exotic dancers or sexy slaves there’s velvet or leather chokers, triangle bracelets that fit over the top of your hand, pearls, rhinestones, and a variety of necklaces, rings, fake eye rings and earrings.
  • Pirates – Make yourself sexier with a rhinestone eyepatch, a single gypsy earring, or an inflatable treasure chest stocked with . . . well, how naughty do you want to be?
  • Animals – A cute nose and a playful tail will help when your inner beast unleashes itself.

Hundreds of accessories and ideas are available online for you to browse . Or, search for something in your closet or local store, or even make something yourself. There’s no end to the flirty or wild accessories you can add to accentuate your sexy look.

Find These Sexy Costumes At: is the world’s largest Internet costume store (as certified by the Better Business Bureau), with over 10,000 costumes, accessories and party supplies. They offer no-hassle returns on most items, free shipping over $70, and have a 90% approval rating from over 25,000 customers on the customer review site

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