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Great Ideas for Sexy Angel Costumes

Traditionally, angels had no gender, but that sexless image changed drastically by the early nineteenth century. Angels in popular culture began to be depicted as mostly female, and were eventually sexualized in modern media. The concept of a fallen angel or a ‘heavenly devil’ is a classic pin-up image, one popularized in the 1950s, and includes angel Halloween costumes. In other religions, angels can also take on a more sexual aura, like in the Baha’i tradition where the powerful Maiden of Heaven, an angel figure, is depicted as a very sexually desirable symbol. Though innocent and pure, the angel image is one submersed in sexual imagery.

If you’re looking for ideas for sexy angel costumes, tips on playing the part of the devilish angel, and great couples’ costumes ideas for aspiring angels, then keep on reading!

Dressing The Part of the Sexy Angel

The two basic elements of a hot angel costume are make it short and make it white. From there, you’ll want to add accessories like a halo, angel wings, harp, and white, high-heeled shoes. For truly heavenly hair and makeup, it may seem obvious, but think angelic. Go with light and shimmery colors from pearls to baby pinks and golds.

Another sexy Halloween costume idea is to go as a dark or fallen angel. The dark and naughty angel costume is usually black with a more gothic style about it. Think fishnets and corsets, not harps and bells. Give your makeup a dark look by applying a smoky kohl eye liner around the eyes and either a blood red or even black lipstick. Don’t go too far though, you want to be scary but still sexy.

Roleplaying the Part of the Sexy Angel

The irony of dressing up in an angel costume on the devil’s night is not lost in this article, nor should it be on you. Keep it light and fun, and always maintain just a touch of a devilish attitude. Go for sassiness and innuendo because the great thing about being an angel is you can play it sweet or sexy. The choice is up to you!

To really play up the part, go overboard with your innocence. Balk at even the slightest suggestion of sin and flinch coyly at any wayward behavior. Try playing with puns like offering to give someone a free ride to heaven, asking for help earning your wings, or suggesting a quick game of ‘Seven Minutes in Heaven.’ Reverse the roles if you’re playing the part of a dark, fallen angel.

Angel Couples’ Costume Ideas for Halloween

If you’re bringing a date to the Halloween party, or looking for some fun at home, try dressing him up as the devil. Play up the good-and-evil dynamic between the two of you, with him playing the tempter and you the ‘good’ conscience. If he’s not up for such a devilish role, you could also try a priest costume, God outfit, or even shepherd.

Remember, part of the beauty of the angel costume is the contrast between angelic purity and the undeniable sex appeal of the wearer. Play this dynamic up as much as possible and you’ll be sure to have a great Halloween night!

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