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Sexy Couples Costume Ideas For 2012

Instead of showing up mismatched, you and your significant other should try a sexy couples costume. There are plenty of dynamic duos from movies and television you and your partner can emulate. Here are some couples’ costume ideas:

Snow White and the Huntsman: These couple costumes are absolute best for dark haired beauties with fair skin and a strong, bold man. You can be his damsel in distress for the night as he sweeps you off of your feet.

Principal and the Naughty school girl: Fulfill you or your mate’s wildest fantasy by dressing up as the principal and a naughty school girl. He can punish you as the night goes on for ‘being bad.’ Pair some white-knee high stockings with a plaid skirt and pig tails and you will definitely achieve the innocent look. For a fun twist, go as an undead principal and school girl! (Everybody knows zombie outbreaks start at school!)

kitana and scorpion Halloween costumesScorpion and Kitana: In Mortal Combat, this pair worked together so well because they both know how to kick some ass! Kitana is a 1,000 year old princess from the realm of Edenia. Most fans will agree that this is one of the sexiest fiction characters of all video games. Her signature move is the fan throw, where she kills her opponent by violently throwing her sharp fan.

Kitana also has some sensuous deadly moves- which includes her ability to kill opponents by giving them a poison kiss and the scissor split, where fans get to see Kitana kill her enemy by with her legs spread. In ‘Mortal Kombat’ the movie in 2011, Kitana wore a silver bustier with silver trimmings. Her alternate outfit consists of a blue and silver halter top matched with bikini bottoms. Like Scorpion, Kitana is considered to be one of the sexiest mortal kombat characters. They both do well for the people, despite their selfish intentions.

Batman and Cat woman: Although these two characters often find themselves on the opposite ends of the law, they do become romantic with one another. Their love story begins during the Batman-Hush story. Ultimately these two did not work out because Bat man became too suspicious of his thieving lover. However, dressing up as bat man and cat woman as a couple is a great idea. You can both wear all leather jump suits with masks and kitty ears.

Hawkeye and the Black Widow: In the Avengers, these two characters start off as friends and become more. They have a long history of working and fighting crime together. They are also the only two characters on The Avengers with no super powers. Hawkeye needs Black widow desperately because she is the only person he feels a deep and trusting connection with. This couples costume is great for the pair who sticks together.

Man and Woman Captain America: Captain America’s super hero outfit is made out of Kevlar, nomex, and light weight titanium in order to protect him from water and fire. His most important weapon is his shield, which he uses to redirect kinetic energy.

Dressing up as a couple for Halloween is a fun and exciting way to start your Halloween night.

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