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Sexy couples and Unique Costume Ideas

There are certainly many “expected” costumes you can choose this Halloween, but it’s always good to do things in an unexpected way. For couples, there are many sexy choices, those that will raise a few eyebrows and create a few laughs.

First, when attending a costume party as a couple, it’s necessary to consider how the male and female costumes work together. Going as a cowboy and cowgirl makes sense. Going as a cowboy and a ghost? It doesn’t work as well.

Once you know you’re doing couples costumes, have some fun with it. Make it silly sexy, funny sexy, or goofy sexy. It is Halloween, after all.

Let’s look at some unique costume ideas:

Zorro and Senorita

Make sure Zoro gets his girl this Halloween. He dresses in all black – black pants, black shirt, black cape. Add a mask and sword and he’s ready to lasso his sexy senorita.

That sexy senorita, meanwhile, is wearing a black dress with a ruffled (and full) skirt, and is wearing a lace veil (also black).

Both Zoro and his senorita are sultry and super sexy. Be sure to keep the fire behind your eyes when sporting these costumes. All the better if you can dance a wicked flamenco!

Butterfly and butterfly catcher

This couple will be sure to keep their eyes on each other, as a butterfly and the man who catches her.

Quite simply, she wears a butterfly costume while he dons khaki pants, a khaki shirt and a safari hat and boots. He’ll carry a large butterfly net.

This couple can have fun at the party, with the woman fluttering around and then being “caught” by her partner the butterfly catcher. End the night on a sexy note — the butterfly catcher makes a final capture of his sultry butterfly and lets her loose in the bedroom (and yes, we know that’s a bit cheesy, but also fun, no?).

Pirate and his treasure chest

Here we mean, literally his treasure “chest”. The man dresses as a pirate and the woman wears a gold top.

She can wear a skirt, jeans or black pants on bottom. What’s important is what’s on top. To the gold shirt, she adds faux jewels, beads and even chocolate coins. The emphasis is on the chest area.

As he walks around the party saying, “Aaargh,” this pirate knows that he already has his bounty.

Variation: Pirate and his booty. Okay, that’s a groaner.

A roll in the hay

Want to get naughty? Or at least give the impression that you’ve been naughty? How about a roll in the hay?

For this costume, you appear as if you literally just had a roll in the hay, and we mean the naughty kind. Both of you dress as if you live on a farm. He is in jeans, a plaid shirt, and a straw hat, and she is in daisy dukes, a tight white T shirt and braids.

The fun part of the costume comes in the accessories. Those are simply pieces of hay. They are stuck in her braids, stuck to both of your clothes, coming out of your clothes. It’s clear who’s been naughty on the farm!

Couples Costume Tips

The key to successful couple’s costumes is to find a boy and girl theme match. That is, find something fun and cute, or sexy and sultry, but make sure that they coordinate. And then play them up.

If you are the pirate and chest, for example, the pirate can exclaim over and over how thrilled he is to have found his “treasure”. He might recount the story of how he came to find his treasure (tongue in cheek, of course) and how much fun he and his “treasure” have now that they have found each other.

Most of these costumes can be made or put together quite easily at home, though if you hunt, you can find many worthwhile store-bought couples costumes as well.

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