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Creative and Sexy Fancy Dress Costumes

Whether you’re gearing up for Halloween or a fancy dress party, why not go for a truly unique costume? One that will stand out for both its quality and creativity. Remember, sexy fancy dress costumes don’t have to be custom-made by tailors and costume designers. There are hundreds of pre-made costumes available online that are not only believable and elaborate, but also of the best quality. Keep reading for great fancy costume ideas including invaluable hair and makeup tips.

Renaissance and Medieval Adult Costumes

From the lowly peasant wench to the regal queen, renaissance-themed costumes are not only beautiful, but also sexy. Corseted waists, full skirts, heaving bosoms, and lacy accents will all come together for a truly romantic look.

To pull off the best renaissance costume, think about your hair and your period style. If you’re going for an Irish peasant costume, wear your hair down or with the front done in small braids and pulled back. Whereas, if you’re attempting a later-period aristocratic style, you may want to go with an elaborate up-do or a pre-designed wig. Try topping off your renaissance costume with a head-dressing or floral wreath and don’t forget the laced boots.

Roman-Greco Adult Costumes

From a Greek goddess to an Egyptian Queen, there are a number of hot and sexy costumes in this period. To really get the look of a Greek goddess, set your hair in light and wavy curls. Add gold jewelry like coined bracelets and jangly necklaces, and wear a laurel wreath and strappy sandals for extra authenticity. Keep the makeup light and shimmery. You want the overall look to be ethereal, not overdone.

Cleopatra, seductress and mistress of both Marc Antony and Caesar, is also an instantly recognizable character and a popular fancy dress costume. The hair is critical here – either a straight, dark bob that hits the chin or hundreds of beaded braids at the same length. If your own hair won’t conform, there are many Egyptian wigs available online. The next step is the eye makeup. You want a smoky kohl above the eyes and a stringently defined black line (try liquid eyeliner) around the eyes with a line jutting out from each outside corner. Again, go with strappy sandals and snaked theme jewelry for a finished and sexy look.

Fantasy Adult Costumes

Fairies, wood nymphs, and nursery rhyme and fairy tale characters all fall into this unique costume category. The overall look is innocent and impish combined with sexy and captivating. Fantasy and playfulness both make these costumes a hot choice for Halloween or fancy dress.

Fairy and nymph costumes are all about the makeup and accessories. Go for glittery, shimmering makeup in ether an elaborate face-painted style or a broad, exaggerate sweep over the eyelids. For your hair, try a wavy up-do complimented by hand-picked flowers and a few ribbons for that added touch. Don’t forget cute ballet flats or strappy heels to finish off the costume.

There are also a number of nursery rhyme and fairy tale costumes out there, from Little Bo Beep to Little Red Riding Hood. For these costumes, think ruffles, Mary-Jane patent heels, and a playful attitude. Set your hair in ringlets and keep the makeup subtle to compliment the costume.

The Flapper

A sexy flapper costume can be surprisingly easy and simple or full-out fancy. If you’re going to pull out all the stops, make sure you do it right. Added touches like cigarette holders, flapper-bobbed hair, ruby red lipstick, and a few practiced Charleston steps will really complete the Gatsby-esque look that you want.

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