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Sexy Fantasy Warriors

The hottest way for a couple to make their entrance to a Halloween party this year is by matching an exotic female’s costume with a male’s warrior costume. You can be your hero’s damsel in distress by dressing sexy while he looks rough and tough.

Some of this year’s most popular looks are inspired by movie and television characters from the Game of Thrones, Clash of the Titans and John Carter. Also look for inspiration in the ultimate of damsel and warrior fantasies, Conan the Barbarian. During these time periods (Game of the Thrones being the most realistic), women dressed elegantly while the men were dressed for war. Together, you’ll make a powerful and sexy couple nobody will want to mess with!

Inspiration from the Game of Thrones

Renaissance Queen costumeOne inspired look from the Game of Thrones is the Barbarian Costume worn by Khal Drago on the first season. This costume consists of leather pants, a belt made out of large medallions, and drawn-on dark bear claws. This is a shirtless costume that will definitely have the ladies knocking on your door. You will look masculine and strong.

Another inspired look from the Game of Thrones is the elegant Renaissance look seen on Queen Cersei. These costumes often have puffed sleeves and a velvet-looking type of material. The colors of the Renaissance dresses are deep, yet never bold.

Inspiration from the Clash of the Titans

Despite the rough time period, the Halloween costumes inspired for woman are exceptionally elegant. With these costumes, you will feel and look like the ultimate goddess.

Athena is the daughter of Zues and Metis and is the goddess of wisdom of war. An Athena costume is pretty simple, yet you’ll feel like a goddess. She wears a white dress with gold accents that are representative of both her innocent and warrior side.

Perseus is another popular Halloween costume for children and adults alike. In the 2012 Clash of the Titans film, he leads a revolt against all of the other gods. Perseus is the son of Zeus and a mortal woman. He was raised by a fisher man who found him at sea when he was a baby.

Towards the beginning of the film Zeus decides to enlist the help of his brother, Hades, in order to get mortal men to pray to him. Perseus saves the day by leading his men into the underworld in order to stop Hades from unleashing a beast onto mankind. He is a superhero with body armor, gauntlets, and shin gaurds.

Athena Clash of the Titans costume Barbarian warrior costume

Inspiration from John Carter

The main protagonist, John Carter, will definitely be an inspiration for Halloween costumes this year. Though the movie bombed, the costumes were gorgeous. In the movie, John is a warlord committed to saving the planet’s inhabitants.

He is a former Confederate Army Captain in the American Civil war and knows how to do battle. He shows off his body with a loin cloth as bottoms, and chest armor that exposes his abs. This look is perfect for the guy who wants to show off his muscular physique by wearing this skin-revealing warrior costume.

Another popular character from John Carter is his love interest, Dejah Thorris. She is the “original bikini warrior” that everybody knows and loves in fantasy comics – the John Carter books were written before Conan.

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