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Sexy Gothic Costumes

Maybe you went through the Goth phase when you were in school. So many of us that may be conservative or grown up now, likely went through this dark and strange phase. It was different, it was mysterious, and it was really fun to dress in all black and look a certain way. This was a way of life for many of us and though we often outgrow it, we tend to look back and remember what fun it was.

Though we don’t often dress this way as adults, we can look to this trend or phase for the perfect sexy costume idea. When was the last time that you dressed up as your favorite Gothic character? When was the last time that you dressed in all black and looked mysterious? Well get out your best dark side and turn it sexy as these are the sexiest and likely most fun Gothic costumes that you will ever find!

Turning a Good Girl Bad

Gothic Malice in Wonderland costumeThe trend lately is to turn a very good and innocent character into a black, dark, Goth sidekick. This is such a fun little twist to classic tales and it works tremendously as the best Halloween costume to capture attention and make you feel like the sexy bad girl. You see this with the recent and rather enjoyable trend of the Goth Alice in Wonderland. After the latest version of this movie came out, we saw a very dark tone to it which inspired this new and really fun Alice. It’s all about all black, a tight bodysuit, and tall black boots to make this classic sweetheart far less innocent and way sexier.

You also see that with the latest vampire trend there was a really fun undertone offered through these costumes. This isn’t your neighbors vampire as this was a much darker and more Dracula inspired type that was dark and yet sexy at the same time. Think of the red tall cape that comes up and around the neck, but underneath it’s all about sexy. You want a black cat suit, tall boots, black hair, black nail polish and of course a whole lot of dark and sexy attitude!

A Dark, Scary, and Sexy Twist

Gothic black bride costumeWhy not take iconic elements of our everyday life and turn them into dark Goth types? You can go for a Gothic bride that is dressed in all black with the black lace dress, black veil, black stiletto heels, and of course black lipstick and nail polish. Nobody every expects to see the bride all dressed in black and this is a fun twist that is somehow eerie and scary but sexy all at the same time.

Did you always want to secretly be the prom queen? Perhaps you were too Goth and never got the vote—well now it’s time to try it out in your own way! You can get out the black classic prom as it has to start with an understated tone. Then rock out a black and mysterious crown that can make yourself. Get out the black sash for “Best Goth Prom Queen”. Then go for a temporary hair dye for the perfect black color and do all the rest dark and scary. You will wow them at your prom now!

Perhaps a dark fairy princess is more your thing! If you love the princess thing but want an interesting twist on it, then this is a great match. You can look for or create a dark black gown or fitted princess uniform. Then you need black wings, a black wand, and all the right dark accents. This is the quintessential good to be bad type of costume and therefore makes for a homerun with the Goth costumes!

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