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Seaing Yourself in a Sexy Mermaid Costume

Mermaids are known for singing to sailors with their hypnotic voices, and causing them to crash into the rocks. There are similar stories of beautiful mermaids squeezing the life out of seamen who try to join them in a swim. Some believe it’s a malicious attack, others think they simply don’t realize humans can’t breathe underwater.

The Australian TV series H20 has brought a renewed interest in mermaids and costumes, and in the last few years sexy mermaid costumes have replaced the cute Ariel-looking costumes that once dominated the mermaid-wear market since the 90’s.

Mermaids and Sexuality

Mermaids have occupied the sexual fantasies of men for centuries. Perhaps it’s because they have such long, luxurious hair. Maybe it’s just because they’re topless! It could also be because they were the closest things to a woman that a long seafaring man might hope to encounter. Either way, there isn’t a man alive who didn’t have fish fantasies of his own when Darryl Hannah played a mermaid in the 1984 film, Splash.

On one hand, being sexually attracted to a mermaid is a curious thing, since they, uh, don’t have quite the same female parts that a human woman would have. However, the nature of conquest doesn’t think of such things, and being pleasured by a mermaid, however it works out, is enough of a fantasy. A real woman in a mermaid costume is a popular erotic fantasy, and costumes today are becoming more elaborate and sensual.

Mermaid Costumes

Mermaid costumes weren’t widely available until the Hans Christen Andersen story The Little Mermaid was made into a Disney movie. Since then, Ariel the mermaid with her long, red hair, clamshell necklace and blue-green tail has been the most popular mermaid costume.

Modern adult mermaid costumes consist of a sleek, sometimes stretchy skirt with a fish-like tail off the back or the side. Shimmery gauze and a bikini top adds a hint of sensuality. Side fins are sometimes built in as well. The colors and patterns of mermaid costumes are often sparkly blues and greens, like the colors of the sea.

Jewelry made with iridescent seashells is popular, and a long wig of any color completes the outfit. Mermaids are known for their vanity, and are often shown combing their hair or looking into a mirror. A tropical flower behind the ear, like a big hibiscus, is part of a common mermaid hairstyle.

While you likely won’t go topless in a mermaid costume, consider a long wig adhered to a string bikini top, or a clamshell mermaid top. Some mermaid costumes come with a top that matches the scaly pattern of the tail/skirt.


Mermen don’t seem to hold the widespread fascination of modern women, but in mythology they have powerful magical properties, like healing and potion brewing. Mermen are also not reputed to have interactions with people, and the most popular Merman is King Neptune, of Greek Mythology.

A King Neptune costume has a similar tail as the mermaid costume, and instead of a clamshell bra, they are bare-chested, muscular and holding a forked staff with magical powers, like a wand. Neptune’s hair may be sun bleached, shaggy and long like a surfer and he may be bearded, depending on the style you are going for – sexy, flashy god of the sea, or paternal, regal king? A shark tooth on a leather cord around the neck makes a great accessory.

Going As an Undersea Couple

A mermaid and a merman will certainly turn heads (unless it’s an “Under the Sea” theme), but remember that mermaids are attracted to … ur … seamen. A man dressed as a sailor or a pirate can make a sexy entrance! Imagine, a sharp and handsome U.S. Navy sailor with medals and shiny shoes arriving at a Halloween party with a wild mermaid in his arms, or a swashbuckling pirate with a mermaid at his side instead of a parrot!

For a more chilling look, the man can dress as a pale, drowned sailor in ripped clothing. The sexy mermaid then caresses and touches him like a toy throughout the night, wondering what is wrong with her new-found mate!

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