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Sexy Mortal Kombat Costumes

Mortal Kombat is a series of fighting video games that were originally offered on arcade games. Thanks to its great success, it has also been turned into comic strips, stories, and movies. Mortal Kombat costumes are sexy for both men and woman because you can look tough and show some skin at the same time.

Here are some of the top mortal kombat costumes for this year:

Scorpion Costume

Most people would agree that the most popular Mortal Kombat character is Scorpion. Although his father originally forbade Scorpion from becoming an assassin, he continued in order to make a comfortable life for his wife and child. Unfortunately, it is his job that ultimately separates him from his family. Scorpion is a relatable character because he is not all good or all evil. He often does what’s best, although he does it for his own personal reasons. Unlike other mortal kombat characters, Scorpian reoccurs throughout various generations of the game. He is technically a ghost that is living and looking to get revenge for his own death. He wears a dark outfit with a mask covering his entire face except for his eyes. The jumpsuit he wears has an attached tabard and fit-forming armor pieces.

kitana and scorpion Halloween costumesMileena Mortal Kombat Costume

Mileena is a mortal kombat character that was introduced to players in Mortal Kombat II. She is a clone of her sister, Kitana, who she envies and despises greatly. All mileena wants is to kill Kitana in order to claim her own identity. Her most powerful move is the ‘man eater’, where she removes her mask in order to inhale her opponent whole. She is a sensuous mortal kombat player, which makes her a great inspired Halloween costume look. This ultra-sultry costume includes booty shorts and a face mask. This is one time you won’t mind a man focusing on your body and not your face.

Mortal Kombat Sonya Blade Costume

Sonya Blade appeared in the original Mortal Kombat in 1992. The media sees Sonya Blade as a police officer, yet her true job is in the United States Special Forces. She represents a strong-willed woman who takes care of her friends and allies. Her popularity with fans was enhanced when Sonya was played by the sensuous Bridgette Wilson in ‘Mortal Kombat’ the movie. The Sonya Blade mortal kombat costume is different than others because it has a military-type feel. She also has sexy high heeled leather boots than enhance how sexy, rough, and tough you will look.


Kano is a hero-gone bad in the Mortal Kombat Series. He is now the leader of the Black Dragon Empire and is Sonya Blade’s arch nemesis. He is most notable for his fatalities, like the heart trip fatality. This sexy warrior is a great costume idea for men who are bad to the bone. Kano wears a metal piece for a mask that only covers half of his face.

Dressing up as a mortal kombat character for Halloween can definitely spice up your Halloween night.

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