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Sexy Pirate Costumes

Pirates are always sexy and this is due in large part to the fact that they are always the adventurous type who are usually villainous. They may be trying to save the world, but they are also often up to no good. This is why so many men and women want to dress up as pirates at a costume party because it’s just so fun to be bad!

When we look at some of the sexiest pirate costumes out there it’s all about taking a fundamental idea and then running with it. You can have people walking the plank in no time if you embrace this overall theme and then have fun with it.

Did everyone love Johnny Depp because his is costume so hot? While that may have been part of it, this really had more to do with the fact that his character is edgy, funny, adventurous and free. He flouts authority and makes them look like fools, which is of course what we all want to do! Here we look at how to get into that sexy pirate character and have a blast.

Go with a Well Known Character

If you aren’t sure where to start then consider dressing like one of your favourite pirate characters. You can go for the Jack Sparrow look as played by Johnny Depp character in “Pirates of the Caribbean” as a guy because that makes for a good start.

This means that you get the bandana to wrap around the long hair, and then the perfect outfit to match. White shirt, brown pants, a long vest, and of course tall brown boots are what will make people see you as Jack Sparrow and adore the sexy look.

You don’t even have to go outside the box with this one because people adore this character as played by the ever sexy Johnny Depp, so if you can find the perfect costume then you’re golden and already sexy by default.

If you are a woman then you can go for the Angelica costume idea from “Pirates of the Caribbean” as it’s simple and yet oh so effective. Here you find a short black and gold dress or long vest with white shirt. Black leggings make for the perfect backdrop and of course you have to wear the tall black boots.

This screams sexy and all you are doing here is following an actual character to carry off a look flawlessly. You can wear the hat that she so often wore in the movie for a cute look or just let your hair flow freely as was characteristic as well. Either way you can’t go wrong, and people will recognize you as the sexy pirate right away.

Angelica pirate costume Jack Sparrow adult pirate costume

 The Swagger and All That is Sexy

So you’ve embraced your favourite character from the Pirates movies, but don’t let it end there. Part of being a sexy pirate is making the part your own. First of all as a woman add in some sexy accents like a plunging neckline, tight fitting dress as the backdrop of the costume, or the perfect bandana tied around the hair to let it flow sexy and beautiful. The high black boots are a must and though they are part of the costume, this is always a nice sexy touch.

It’s all about the attitude too so learn how to talk like a pirate and act like one as well. You want to appear dangerous and that’s always sexy in a character so embrace this and run with it. The swagger is what it’s all about so find your inner pirate and let it shine through in this fun and sexy costume theme.

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