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Sexy Plus Size Pirate Costumes

Big is beautiful! You hear this more and more and it’s because people are finally accepting that most women are not a size zero. This is a trend that is becoming widely accepted and that is showing up in fashion and abroad more and more. If you happen to be a plus sized man or woman, there are some great ways to embrace this through costumes.

One of the most popular costume types that we see showing up for plus sized individuals is pirates. Not only is this a fun theme in general but the attire works well for any size. So if you want to show off your plus size figure and dress the part of the sexy pirate, here are a few ideas to make that happen.

Friendly Fit and Comfortable Too

Whether you’ve embraced your plus sized figure or not, there are some great aspects to the pirate costume. It can allow you to feel confident because it is not form fitting resulting in you feeling self conscious. This is the downfall to so many costumes and therefore the reason that sexy never seems possible for the plus sized individual.

Sexy plus size pirate costumeThe pirate costume is full of “wearable” items such as peasant blouses and vests which are flowing and forgiving. No matter what size or frame you are, this is comfortable and will never make you feel like everybody is looking at you in the wrong way. Try a long and flowing dress with the right accessories if you are a woman. If you are a man then go for the flowing long sleeved shirt and vest that will leave you feeling comfortable and confident.

You can go the route of the tavern wench outfits that scream sexy without being too over the top. This is all about the tall boots, the low cut shirts to show off your best assets, and the most impressive accessories that you can find. This works tremendously well if you happen to feel good about your size and you want to embrace a look that makes you feel ultra sexy.

Get In On the Fun

No matter what size you are, the accessories are where you can really have some fun with this costume. This is where you can get creative and really get into the sexy pirate role. No matter what size you are, man or woman, putting on the right accessories can make you feel sexy in no time!

If you are a man then you must have an eye patch, a bandana, and of course a sword. You will feel manly beyond belief if you have the sword in hand and will really enjoy puling this out all night at the party. There’s something about putting on that bandana around your head and the eye path that not only gets you into the pirate mode but makes you feel confident and masculine!

As a woman, you can really have some fun with the accessories for this pirate costume. The tall black boots are a must and these look good on every woman. You should own them in your wardrobe and wear them often for that fabulous sexy look and they fit perfectly for this costume idea.

You also want to be sure that you really explore your confidence here. Though you may not feel confident to wear a form fitting dress, you can certainly accentuate the legs with leggings or a short skirt or the assets with a low cut top. Let your best part shine and allow this to add to your confidence.

The accessories for this costume are simple and yet so perfectly fitting. Here you can try out your own bandana and a cute little eye patch for that naughty look. If executed well then you will scream sexy pirate siren! Then add in some big jewelry like the hoop earrings or even the big chunky bracelet. In no time at all your pirate look will come alive and you will feel sexy and in charge!

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