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Sexy Superhero Costumes

From the pages of Marvel and DC Comics to the big screen, superheroes are instantly recognizable, deeply rooted in pop culture, and make fantastic Halloween costumes. For ideas on sexy superhero costumes for women, fun superhero couples’ costumes, and great group superhero outfits, keep reading.

Sexy Superhero Costume Ideas for Women

Wonder Woman: Few things say you’re ready to kick ass better than tights, a tiara and high-heeled boots. Though Diana (Wonder Woman’s real name) has an arsenal of weapons, her signature pieces are her indestructible bracelets and the powerful Lasso of Truth, which is not only unbreakable, but also forces anyone within its grip to speak only the truth. Try roping your man up in it to see if it really works.

Catwoman: A whip-carrying burglar with a hidden heart of gold, Catwoman is both sensual and ultimately very dangerous. With her superhero black heels and long nails, Cat woman is the embodiment of dominatrix sex appeal. Keep up the feline costume play with a few meows and purrs, and try not to get into any cat fights. You’re guaranteed to be the sexiest kitty at the Halloween party.

Superhero Costumes for Couples

Spiderman and Mary-Jane: Popular in the movies for his likeability and somewhat geeky persona, Spiderman makes a fun superhero costume. Keep a pair of Peter Parker glasses in the pocket and street-clothes under the costume for quick switches throughout the night. If you’re going as Mary Jane, or ‘MJ’ for short, find a red wig and classic trench. Wear a short dress with heels and you’ll be sure to set his spidey senses tingling.

Superman and Supergirl: Defenders of good and protectors of Earth, this superhero duo is almost unstoppable, if they stay away from kryptonite. A small warning though, some incarnations of the popular DC Comics’ Supergirl character cast her as Superman’s cousin. If you’re looking for a relationship that’s a little more romantic, you may want to consider swapping your superboots for a Lois Lane outfit.

Batman and Catwoman: Throughout the popular DC Comics series, Catwoman has always been Batman’s one enduring love interest. Sultry, sexy, and a truly dangerous, she’s a force to be reckoned with. Both Gotham City superheroes should be dark and brooding, simultaneously hating each other and being unable to resist one another (sounds like my house). If that doesn’t work, you could always dress him up as a mouse.

Group Superhero Costume Ideas

Fantastic Four: You’ve got The Thing, a rocky monster with incredible strength; Mr. Fantastic, a stretchable man able to reshape his body; The Human Torch, a pyro able to fly and control fire; and the Invisible Woman (aka Susan Storm), who can manipulate light to render herself invisible. If you have four adults, then you’ve got one great group costume for Halloween. Smaller women should look for a teen jumpsuit to get the right fit.

Justice League: With dozens of member characters available, your Justice League can be as big or as small as you want it to be. Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash (don’t get any naughty ideas – well, maybe one), Batman and Batgirl are all great superhero costume ideas for putting together a truly super Justice League. The group costume is a fun idea for parties, one that lets everyone play a part.

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