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Sexy Superheroes for 2012

Sexy super hero costumes are the most popular trend in Halloween costumes for 2012. Classic looks have been upgraded and revamped in order to please the current day buyer. Here are some of the most popular looks:

Wonder Woman

This costume has had major renovations made to it since the first version. The look can be worn more moderately by women who feel sexier by wearing tight clothes, rather showing it all. One new version of Wonder Woman comes with tight blue stockings and a form fitting top. The colors are still true to the original style yet woman will feel sexy, but refined. It leaves a little bit more to the imagination. Unlike the original which consisted of a leotard with knee high boots, this look is more contemporary for the modern woman who wants to look hot but isn’t two pounds. The red top fits tight and cinches in your waist while the skin tight blue leggings accentuate your backside.

wonder woman sexy superhero costumeSpider Girl

Another traditional costume that has been improved for 2012 is the Spider girl costume. Your body will look absolutely astonishing in a shiny red and blue leather cat suit with spider web designs. It is similar to cat woman, but differs because of the bold colors. The spider girl mask will also add a mysterious exotic touch to your outfit. This look will definitely be popular thanks to the newest movie, The Amazing Spiderman.

The Watchmen’s Silk Spectre

This sexy look comes with a tight black and yellow suit that zips up in the front. It is black and yellow with long sleeves, short-shorts, and tall black boots. You can finish off this outfit with a long straight brunette wig and voluptuous fake eye lashes. The wig must be strict straight with bangs cut straight across your forehead. You’ll be looking like a super model AND a super hero by dressing up like silk spectre.

Super girl

Dressing up as super girl will definitely make you feel unstoppable on your Halloween night. With red and blue colors and a big S on your chest, you’ll look the part of a bold superhero. The S should be in a shiny gold so everyone will be attracted to your costume. You can finish off the look by pairing your outfit with a pair of red hot high heel boots and a slicked back hairstyle.

Super hero comic books and movies are so popular in America because they appeal to every boy (or man) who has ever wanted to save the day. They are also geared towards nerds, and not the cool kids. Super hero stories represent under dogs that make it to the top. They start off as powerless nerds or insecure orphans, and earn respect by displaying their remarkable capabilities.

It is a reminder to nerds that although you may get picked on now, you have the potential to change your identity and get what you’ve always wanted. You’ll be the ultimate fantasy for men by dressing up as a sexy super hero for Halloween 2012!

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