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Sexy Zombie Costumes

What, zombies and sexy? Usually, the two never go together – rotting organs usually isn’t a turn-on for many people. However, perhaps it’s this clash that makes it such a fun an sexy costume idea! Zombie cheerleaders are well known, and there’s been more than one movie about zombie women lusting for blood while wearing a bikini.

Zombie Costumes With a Sexy Twist

Zombie cheerleader costume Adult zombie costumes with a sexy twist are popular thanks to scary movies with beautiful heroines (remember Linnea Quigley in Return of the Living Dead?) There’s also the burlesque aspect of wearing ripped and tattered garments that show off some skin (albeit it, there will probably be lots of blood stains as well.) The aim of looking like a zombie with some “after market” sex appeal is to dress as a character who was a hottie in life. Think of the following:

  • A business man or woman in a power suit
  • A cheerleader
  • A naughty school student
  • A waitress
  • A nurse
  • A fireman or police officer
  • A bride and groom
  • A prom queen
  • A surfer or beach volleyball player

Then, alter your look as though you have come straight from the grave. This costume could be perfect for the guy or gal who rarely strays from their conservative or laid back look.

Classic Zombie Movies

Here is a small sample of zombie movies to inspire you:

  • Dead Alive: Before Peter Jackson filmed one of the most popular fantasy series of all time, The Lord of the Rings, he directed one of the goriest of zombie movies that nobody’s ever seen. Also known as Braindead, Dead Alive is so gory and gruesome that it has actually been banned by numerous countries. This movie gave rise to the popularity of zombies because of its comedic timing and disgusting horror scenes. The sexiest scene occurred when the zombies took over a house in order to throw a party that was ‘to die for’. Two zombies are in the midst of making love when the owner of the house barges in with a lawn mower and starts killing.
  • 28 Days Latter: Unlike Dead Alive, 28 Days Latter was produced in 2002 and is only a ten year old movie. However, it is just as much of a classic. This movie is more contemporary because the zombies are a result of some mismanaged genetic research. There are plenty of blood gushing scenes in this movie that will make even the toughest person cringe. The best zombie-killing scene of the movie was when Jim hits the zombie priest in the head with a bag full of soda cans. Fans love this movie because it taps into some of our modern day fears, like the use of genetically modified products.
  • Return of the Living Dead: One of the first “zombie comedies” back in 1985, this movie is famous for mixing zombies and t&a. A bunch of teenagers hangout in a graveyard and begin to party, 80’s style. In one scene, a female punk rocker fantasizes about a bunch of old men tearing off her clothes and eating her alive (she says this while stripping in a graveyard … of course.) She gets her “wish” later in the film. Oh, this movie is the first instance where zombies are actually seeking out brains.

Zombie costumes can give adults a combination of scary and gorgeous. You can wear little to no clothing for sex appeal and add a gory gash on your abdomen for show. Another approach to wearing a zombie costume is to be half dead and half alive. You could make one side of your face beautiful while the other half looks like it is rotting away. Or you could make your face gruesome while showing off your body. A great couple costume idea for newlyweds is being a bride and groom zombie. Another ‘deadly’ combination is the football player and cheerleader zombie.

Dressing up as a Zombie for Halloween will really get you in the spirit of the holiday. They are gory and scary, yet you can spice up the look and look hot. I’d definitely recommend being a Zombie for Halloween this year.

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