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Spin a Web As Spiderman

The 2012 movie The Amazing Spider-man focuses around Peter trying to discover his true identity. He is an awkward boy in high school that is desperate to know more about his parents. Peter is being raised by his aunt and uncle, who do their best. In the movie, Peter begins to fall in with a girl at his high school named Gwen. Although actress Emma Stone is 23, she definitely still looks the part of a sexy school girl. (Never mind actor Andrew Garfield, who is nearly 30!) Even better, the on-screen chemistry between the two is better than all the previous Spiderman movies!

After Peter finds an old briefcase owned by his father, he goes on a mission to solve the mystery of his parent’s disappearance. He discovers that his father’s main partner was Dr. Curt Connors. They worked together at Oscorp for years.

spider-man-and-gwen-costumesEvery clue leads to his father’s former partner, and Spider-man must go head to toe with this man in order to get the answers he’s always needed. Peter fakes his way into Oscorp by posing as one of the new interns. While he is there, he gets bitten by a genetically modified spider which will change his life forever. Although Peter does not initially notice the change, on the bus ride home he begins to notice increased agility, strength, and power.

Peter then begins to use his powers to capture criminals and fight crime. Although he has the best intentions, the NYPD believes that Spider-man is more of a liability than a solution solver. The police force is also led by George Stacy, Gwen’s father. At this point Spider-man realizes that his alternate ego may affect his ability to score the girl of his dreams.

Peter is an inspiration to anyone who has ever been picked on at school. He uses his strengths and capabilities to do the right thing and prove to his bullies that he is more than just a kid. The main purpose of this movie is to get a better understanding of how Spider-man evolved.

There are various ways you and your partner could have a Spider-man inspired Halloween costume. You can both pull off the classic look of Spider-man and woman or dress up as the webslinger and Gwen. The Spider-man costume is a full body suit with a mask that covers most, if not all, of his face. The main colors of the costume are bright red and bright blue with accents of black for the spider web design.

The spider-woman outfit is similar, yet she wears a dress instead of a full length suit. You could really sex this look up by pairing your spider-woman dress with some red hot stiletto heeled boots (after all, spiders are pretty well nothing but legs!)

Another couples’ costume idea is to go as Spider-man and Gwen Stacey. In The Amazing Spiderman, Gwen plays a geek-chic nerd. You can easily pull this look off by wearing a blonde wig and a white lab coat … or, go as naughty Gwen in a lab coat open to reveal a skimpy prep-school uniform underneath! Whatever you decide, The Amazing Spiderman will definitely have a big influence on Halloween costumes this year.

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