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Spring Into These Costume Ideas

Ahh, spring is in the air – birds and bees, gardens coming alive, and sultry fairies flying from flower to flower …

Okay, maybe I had a bit too much of the “Green Fairy”, but spring brings to mind many fun and sexy nature-themed fantasy costumes. Thinking about getting a little naughty in your private garden? A spring-themed costume might help spice things up! Here’s a couple ideas to think about:

The Naughty Nymph

The first costume that comes to mind is a garden nymph. Perhaps this sexy nymph can instill good wishes and feelings into your spring garden.

For the nymph costume, you might dress in a princess-styled dress but with a shorter skirt, perhaps a bare midriff, and lots of flowers. Flowers should circle the head, the waist and anywhere else that they might accentuate not only the sexy curves of the nymph, but provide sufficient decoration.

A nymph would likely be in colors like greens and pinks, to flow well in the garden, and she will have her hair either curly or tousled, perhaps partly done up in a bun a la Greek goddess. She’s a busy girl, so her hair might be a little messy, but that’s generally just fine with her. She likely wouldn’t carry a wand or other hand decoration, but she might carry a toy with her, just to liven things up in the . . . well, you get the idea.

The Garden Goddess

Now, this costume is really all about working in the garden. It’s hard work and it can be sweaty and dirty, but the garden lady always looks good when she first heads out into the garden. How? Let’s examine this costume in greater detail.

First, shorts are a must. A true lady of the garden wouldn’t wear basketball shorts or Bermudas, she would wear denim cut off shorts, maybe with a fringe on the cut edge showing. They might be super short ala Daisy Duke-style, or they might be just a bit longer.

Her shirt? Tied and baring the midriff, of course. It’s probably checkered or a flannel cutoff shirt. But it might be a little tight or the top buttons might have come loose or popped off. Her hair is a mess (but in a tousled, sexy way) and she might or might not be wearing a hat. Careful, she’s a little dirty!

The Garden Fairy

If your spring garden is magical enough, you might be blessed with a visit from the garden fairy. She’s a little shy but very sultry. Dressed in a short green dress, she’ll have a pair of sheer green wings and some super-sharp high heels – after all, how else will your lawn get aerated? Finally, she’ll have with her a small green pouch containing seeds. If you happen to catch a glimpse of her, she may blow you a kiss. Careful, she can be quite wild and dangerous. In Celtic and Greek mythology, fairies often lure mortals into a life of sexual slavery.

Oh darn, most of you guys may be saying as she leads you to her special fairy realm.

The Spring Bunny

This one is perfect for Easter, of course, but bunnies appear in gardens throughout the spring season (much to the chagrin of gardeners, but hey, at least they’re cute!) How better to be a bunny than dressing in a Playboy bunny costume?

For a bit of roleplay, have your partner dress as Hugh, complete with smoking jacket and pipe. Fill a platter with some goodies like grapes, strawberries and cheese, two glasses of wine, and maybe some whipping cream and a blindfold if you really want to have fun! You are his cocktail waitress for the evening, so carry the platter to where he is resting, and slowly serve him from you hand. He’s the boss, but you’re in control, so do what you wish, and have some good-natured spring fun!

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