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Lucky St. Patrick’s Day Costumes

Are you feeling lucky? You will in a St. Patrick’s Day inspired outfit. March 17th is a national holiday in Ireland, and everywhere else, people can be Irish for a day. So wear something green, drink some Guinness, and celebrate the luck o’ the Irish with a feast, some celebrating, and dressing in costume!  Think of leprechauns, the color green, top hats, shamrocks, green and white clover stockings and glittery green shoes. Here’s some sexy costume ideas to have fun on St. Paddy’s day:

Luscious Leprechauns

Luscious Leprechaun Sexy CostumeGet a pot of gold and show up as a feisty leprechaun for some lucky people. These magical fairy creatures are full of mischief and store their wealth in hidden pots at the end of a rainbow. When not playing practical jokes, they spend their time making and mending shoes, and if you catch one, they must grant you three wishes. Careful what you wish for, though … it might just come true!

When looking for a leprechaun costume, look for one with a rich green color. Secondary colors include red, blue, white or black. For accessories, a green top hat is a must, as is a pot of gold or at least some sort of purse with hidden gold coins (to give out to some lucky humans!) Other ideas could include green glasses, a shamrock pendant or wand, a green wig, and St. Patty’s makeup. If you’re wearing a dress, wear a petticoat so it flairs out, and some sexy Irish stockings. Finally, black or glittery green shoes will complete your sexy fairy outfit.

Lucky Irish Lasses

Good Luck Charm Sexy Irish LassIf you’re going to celebrate at your local Irish pub, or hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party at your home, warm things up in a charming and sassy green dress that’ll sham-rock the house! You’ll definitely be the gold at the end of the rainbow, and you won’t need a “Kiss me, I’m Irish” pin to let your guests (or your significant other) know you’re ready for festivities.

To dress in a cute costume, look for a green dress in a “peasant” style, with lacy bodice, velvet, puffy skirt and top hat or rainbow headband. Don’t forget the petticoats to puff out your shirt, and sexy green tights to complete the look. For a more formal occasion, try sharp black pants with a green velvet suit jacket, gold trim and, of course, green top hat.

Whatever you decide, a Victorian or Renaissance look is best, with lacy trim, puffy shirt, a high collar, drawstrings on the shirt, and a belt. A couple other ideas for accessories include beer mugs (check out this adorable beer mug hand bag), a garter, shamrock jewelry and, of course, a green top hat.

Find These Sexy Costumes At: is the world’s largest Internet costume store (as certified by the Better Business Bureau), with over 10,000 items and growing. They offer no-hassle returns on most items, free shipping over $70, and have a 90% approval rating from over 25,000 customers on the customer review site From humble beginnings in Phoenix, has grown into one of the leading suppliers of lingerie and costumes on the internet. Yandy offers discrete packaging stocks clothing for top manufacturers such as Dreamgirl and Leg Avenue, as well as boutique brands like Dreamy Intimates.

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