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Suckerpunch Costumes

There are some movies that you either love or hate, and there is no middle ground. That’s the reality of so many movies today, particularly those that are action or science fiction driven. When it comes to the movie Suckerpunch you tend to either love it or hate it. This wasn’t necessarily the blockbuster of the year, but a huge core of fans love this brilliant mish-mash of science fiction, fantasy, steampunk and Inception.

sucker-punch-movie-posterThe grrrl-power type of film is a popular theme and therefore many followed along to see how this girl would take the lead. Baby Doll (played by Emily Browning) is certainly an interesting, if fragile-looking hero, and the rest of her sexy posse (provocative in their outfits because they all work at an imagined bordello) caught the attention of everybody watching it. (To give the director, Zack Snyder, credit, his movie 300 had over-the-top scantily clad men, so he’s just balancing things out!) As they were super sexy and over the top, they make for the perfect costume to try out for Halloween.

The Basics for this Sexy Attire

No matter which character you choose to dress like or what you want to carry off, there are some fundamentals involved with this type of costume. This is a fun outfit to carry off but with this costume, you must have confidence. You are going to be showing off some skin so you want to wear it well.

Get out a coy smile, hold your head high, and get on your most confident side to carry off this sexy and fun look. Corsets, stockings, body suits, short skirts and halter tops – all with kick ass boots or heels. It’s a sort of anime meets military uniform meets sassy school girl meets sexy superhero. Whatever you decide, it has to be tight and form fitting.

Suckerpunch Babydoll costumeSweet Pea Sucker Punch sexy costumeAmber Sucker Punch costume

Blondie Sucker Punch costume Rocket Sucker Punch costume

If you want the really authentic look then try for the form fitting black cat suit to start with as that’s a surefire winner. If it is a V-neck that’s even better but either way you can make it work. You want a black cape and of course the signature tall black boots because no female superhero or bad ass can be without them!

Go for the Character Specifics

If you know anything about the film, then the first character that comes to mind is of course Baby Doll. She is the one that kicks the most butt and of course takes charge and gets it done. If you want to dress like her then the signature blonde wig is a must. You absolutely have to put the hair into pigtails for that bad girl but sweet looking image that she carries off so well! She has a dazed, innocent school girl look, and dresses in a Sailor Moon-like blue prep school skirt and halter top. Once she is her element (on the battlefield), a samurai sword is her best friend, and of course a must for the outfit, so be sure that’s a part of this look.

Here’s the rest of Baby Doll’s posse:

Sweet Pea – The big sister of Rocket and the parental figure of the film, Sweet Pea is a cross between a blond knight and a bad-ass Black Riding Hood. She wears a corset, stockings, black boots and a hooded cape.

Amber – Probably the most confident in the group, she nonchalantly plunges into every battle while sucking on a lollipop. Her “military” gear consists of a green halter top, green chaps, fishnet stockings and black military boots. She’s the pilot of the group, and you’ll see her in a Lancaster bomber, helicopter, and a massive, Mechwarrior-inspired steampunk machine with a happy fuzzy bunny picture on the front.

Blondie – Yes, Blondie is a brunette (ha ha.) She wears a corset, leather, black leggings, goggles (a la steampunk style) and black boots. Unlike Baby Doll, who looks fragile but isn’t, Blondie has a tough exterior but with a fragility inside that threatens to break.

Rocket – This rebellious, short-haired blond is Sweet Pea’s little sister, who ran away from home and was “rescued” by her older sister. She wears an olive green/grey dress with black leather accents, stockings and thigh-high leather boots.

Whoever character you decide to be, make sure you have that bad ass attitude, lots of weapons, and be ready to fight!

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