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Thor Costumes

You have likely heard of Vikings or may even be a follower. There is something so powerful about this time period and all of the things associated with it. These were natural warriors and some of our first as we know them. Though they were full of might and power, they didn’t realize that they were some of the first superheroes as we know them today.

We love to look at these costumes and movies because they represent such an interesting period of time. The way that they dressed, how they fought to keep their freedom, the whole story is just full of great history for us. Vikings were gods in their day and some of that mythology still carries through and holds strong even today. We follow the stories of the Vikings like Thor in awe and perhaps that’s why we just can’t get enough of them so much so that we want to dress in costumes to emulate them.

Thor Adult costumeEmbracing Your Inner Thor

Whether you followed along with the story and the books as a child or have recently watched the movie, you understand the powerful impact that this character and all associated have. Therefore the costumes are modeled after this and though they pull in cues from the movie, they are true to form with what you might find in the old mythology surrounding this Viking god.

The first thing that you need to carry off this look is of course the suit of armor or something that really looks like one. This is all about protection and battle and therefore you need the armor to keep you safe. Not to look like an entire costume of armor but at least the chest guard to start. Then you need to Viking warrior hat as that is a signature look for this time period and for this costume directly.

You can go for an all-black outfit of black pants and shirt under a coat of armor if that’s a look that’s a look that’s easier for you to carry off. Try this and just look for the armor shield to wear over the top of your all black outfit. Then you absolutely need the hat and the big hammer that you use for battle. The Vikings were gods, but they fought with much less than today’s heroes!

Sif, Warrior and Companion

Sif Thor adult costumeSif was sent down to Midgard (you know, Earth) to help Thor. If you want to be the strong, physical woman in your group, this would be her. Skilled in close combat and incredibly strong, she’s definitely the companion to Thor, God of Thunder!

Get in touch with your Viking goddess with a gold and burgundy miniskirt and silver faux armor. This costume also comes with burgundy leggings. You just need the kick-ass boots and a sword, and you’re ready for action.

You can also be a female Thor, or at least a Viking goddess. Get the costume or put together the look that starts with a simple black and silver dress. It should be form fitting with a short flowing skirt for femininity but not too over the top so as to indicate you are trying too hard. It should be sexy without effort as you are still a warrior ready to fight.

You of course will also be carrying the big hammer used for battle as your male counterpart is. The difference here is that to carry off this warrior look you want to tie it in with the signature tall red boots. They say ready to battle and yet feminine at the core!

Both female and male characters must have either the Viking warrior hat or at least a headpiece that they would wear into battle for protection. Then they both need a cape as you are a superhero to your people—even before they knew what that really was! You are rough and tough, but at the heart you are good and you can carry off the part of a gentle but ready to rumble Viking warrior!

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