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Halloween Party for Two – Timeless Couples Costumes

If you’re planning to go to a Halloween party as a couple, check out some of these timeless themed costume ideas, both from history and from the imagination.

Roman theme – Antony & Cleopatra

A Roman warrior falling for a resplendent queen dressed in white robes with gold trim. Add a wreath of basil or ivy on your head and wear a lot of gold jewelry, and you’ll be Anthony and Cleopatra. Strappy leather sandals and a short black haircut (or wig) complete the look. Antony was a Roman general fighting against Octavian (later Augustus) for the Roman throne. Cleopatra was the Queen of Egypt but their love, as told by Shakespeare, transcended space and time. Antony said that other women may satisfy him, but Cleopatra left him thirsty for more. It’s no wonder the Italians have such an amorous reputation!

Greek theme – Zeus and Hera

Ancient Greece’s Mythological god and goddess. They were also sister and brother, but the Greek Gods are strange that way. Zeus was also a bit of a ladies man – okay, he was the First ladies man! He pursued mortal women so frequently that there are dozens of demi-gods and mortals who claim Zeus as their father. Hera, of course, was also enraged at his infidelity.

A couple playing Zeus and Hera could have a lot of fun sneaking eyes and flirty comments to other women. While the mythological Hera would often take mortal vengeance upon “the other woman” you could just punish him later. Togas or dresses with lots of jewelry are appropriate.

1930’s Gangsters theme – Bonnie and Clyde

On the run with nothing to lose, Bonnie and Clyde repeatedly escaped the law stealing cars, money and even commiting murder to escape. In the end, they lost but they were together. You can be Bonnie, with a 1930’s style pageboy hair cut and a cigar. Clyde will wear the typical pinstripe gangster suit. A toy tommy gun would complete the look. Be quick, they’re after you. Don’t get caught!

The French Court – Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI

Bring cake to the party! As Marie Antoinette, you look down on your mere peasants, aloof and sexy in your extravagant dress. The king’s royal attire is blue and white, with a puffy shirt, vest, open embroidered coat and a bicorne hat. Large white wigs are a must – the French court wore them too! Mingle with the upper crust, and forget about the poor citizenry. There’s no way they would dare rebel!

Medieval theme – King Arthur and Guinevere (or a love triangle with Lancelot)

Guinevere wore a long gown (blue or green), with long locks of hair. Pair with King Arthur in a typical medieval king’s costume with a fleur-de-lis crest, and a crown and sword. Or dress as Lancelot, the champion of the Round Table, and explain that you are stealing away Guinevere for a secret tryst. Sure, we could make a lot of puns about Lancelot’s name, but we won’t. However, I’m sure he has a lot of lance and knows how to use it. (Oops).

Spanish theme – Zorro and Lolita Pulido

What isn’t sexy about a mysterious man in black, master swordsman and fighting for justice against the oppressed? The only thing sexier is his graceful senorita, sensual in a long Spanish gown and falling for Zorro’s dashing, swashbuckling lifestyle. Zorro is, of course, dressed all in black, with a black cape, black mask and black Spanish hat. His main weapons of choice are his rapier and fox-like movements. His love interest, Lolita Pulido, is a Spanish noblewoman fallen on hard times. However, she can still muster an exotic tango dress with layered ruffles, a long slit up the side, and an vixen sway to match Zorro.

Renaissance theme – Romeo and Juliet

The original star-crossed lovers, with their forbidden love and tragic ending, makes this one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays. Stronger in passion for each other than the deadly feud between their families, the lovers yearn to overcome all obstacles, meeting secretly and laying plans to escape and live happily ever after. It almost works.

As Romeo, you are the perfect Renaissance lover. Dress in an elaborate tunic with drawstring shirt underneath, loose pants and high boots. Bring a rose for Juliet, who is the fair sun, resplendent in a shimmering gold-trimmed gown and headpiece. Be careful your parents don’t catch you!

American colonist theme – Pocahontas and John Smith

When Captain John Smith landed in Virginia and was captured by a local tribe, Pocahontas (“Little Wanton”) begged he not be executed. Though the couple never married, you can play out their romantic story in early American history. John Smith is an English soldier dressed in a blue and gold vest and buckskin boots, and Pocahontas can be as wanton as she wants to be. You can go from a full-length suede dress to a sexy mini dress and anklets. Braided hair and decorative war paint on the face and arms adds a nice touch.

Early Medieval theme – Robin Hood and Maid Marian

Be generous to the poor – that is, do not mock those in poor costumes as you trounce into the party dressed as Robin Hood, with the beautiful Maid Marian at your side. Extra bonus if your friends each dress is one of Robin’s merry band of forest-dwelling thieves. Robin Hood can either be wearing tights, but as that looks silly, make him look more rugged and sexy with a heavy capelette over the shoulders, a long leather vest, an imposing belt, white shirt, heavy trousers and high boots. Have a rugged, five o’clock shadow and don’t forget the hat with feather. Maid Marian can be either dressed in a traditional Medieval gown, or make her into a sexy forest vixen with short skirt, knee-high boots and plunging neckline. You’ll make every guy at the party very merry indeed!

Hippie theme – John Lennon and Yoko Ono

Give peace a chance! As the quintessential hippie duo, you defy all conventions while creating new one. All you need is love – and long hair, rose-colored spectacles, bandanas, beads and sandals. You can easily find hippie outfits at any second-hand or vintage clothing store. For men, look for bell-bottoms, a suede vest and a loose, colorful shirt. For women, any tie-die top or skirt will do. Flower power never looked so good!

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