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Top 11 Sexy Costumes for 2011

2011 has got to be the year of the sexiest costumes! This makes for a really fun trend with Halloween upon us as there are so many wild and wonderful ones to choose from. If you are interested in knowing what the absolute hottest and sexiest costumes are then check out our list. Many are inspired by movies and they are all sure to please with the fun little undertones and customization you can use to really make this your own.

1. Pirates

Though we’ve already seen several installments of the Pirates of the Caribbean, this latest installment really grabbed our attention. You can find so many variations of Jack Sparrow or Angelica costumes that there is surely something to fit your personality. As a woman you can go for the low cut top, tight skirt and tall boots to really spice it up. As a man, the swashbuckling look for the vest, pants, long white shirt, and tall boots already screams sexy. You will feel villainous and yet have so much fun with this look.
sexy pirate costume Captain America Adult Costume

2. Captain America

This is the patriotic superhero that saves the world and has an adoring public following his every move! You need the tight fitting blue body suit as either a man or a woman to carry this off. Then the blue round shield is a must and then you can have fun with the blue mask or headpiece which adds an extra element of sexiness to it. The accessories from the arm bands to the tall red boots fit perfectly with the fitted bodysuit to give this superhero a sexy twist.

3. Princess Leia

This may not be new but there is nothing sexier than that gold bikini that Princess Leia wore. Every woman wants to wear it and every man wants her to and this is a great classic Halloween costume. Of course if as a man you want to go for the warrior look in Luke Skywalker or the bad guy in Darth Vader those are classic looks that always work well and are so sought after.

Slave Princess Leia CostumeSuckerpunch Babydoll costume

4. Suckerpunch

No matter which character you go with, they ooze sexiness from head to toe! Most will opt for the blonde pigtail wig that Babydoll wears as she is such a sex symbol. However you can really have fun with Blondie or Rocket as well if you want to go for the bad girl thing. Either way you are dressed all in black, you are wearing skin tight bodysuits, and a cape, and you are down and dirty in this role that is all about the sexiness and kicking butt!

5. Lady Gaga

You may love her or you may hate her, but you always notice her. She is the essence of controversy and yet sex appeal whenever she steps out on the carpet. Try to capture one of her classically strange and yet sexy looks like the meat dress or something that she wears on stage like the hot black bodice with hot pants. She is burning up the charts and now you can dress the part of this often strange but always sexy superstar!

Lady Gaga Sexy costumeKaty Perry California Gurl Costume

6. Katy Perry

She is by far the sexiest pop star out there right now and yet there’s something so simple about her. This all American girl gives us plenty to dress as from the cutesy but super sexy California Gurl costume with the lollipop bra to the hot numbers that she wears on stage. The signature simple but hot brown hair, the low cut tops, and the tight fitting skirts are what makes her a classic sex symbol.

7. Thor

This is a timeless superhero with a hot costume to go along with it. This is really fun because you just need to start with the tight fitting blue or black dress or pant suit and you’ve got your basis. Then you need the hammer as your shield, a cape, a mask, and whatever other fun accessories and there you are. This is the superhero and the tale that will be classic and sexy on its own throughout time.

Thor Adult costumeGothic dark heart Alice in Wonderland costume

8. Gothic Alice in Wonderland

Though Alice has been around for years, she was never quite like this. The classic story tale Alice was so simple and sweet, but this one is vamped up a bit. This is true Goth in all black but it’s also a cat suit with short shorts, fish net stockings, tall black boots, a mask, and a cape. Basically this is the sexy sidekick to sweet Alice and this is so fun to dress as!

9. Conan the Barbarian

Not every man can carry this off but you might as well try! This is very simple as it’s a bare chest man with a simple brown cape, a skirt worn with great confidence and sexy appeal, tall boots, leg guards, and arm guards. You may look beat up, but you are so sexy with this classic hero for all times!

Conan the Barbarian costumeSteampunk costumes

10. Steampunk

This Victorian vampire goddess takes the whole vampire craze in a new direction. Here you see a vampire costume that is tight, long, but full of sex appeal. In all black and red, this tight fitting body suit is covered over with the perfect vampire cape and of course the tall boots for the perfect look!

11. Tron

This video game has always been popular and now it’s at the forefront of our minds. This is a great costume is simple but so powerful and sexy. All black, tight fitting with white stripe body suit or complements. You will command attention with this costume and really have fun with it. If you are dressing the woman part then you absolutely must wear the hot tall boots to carry off the look!

Tron Quorra costumeTron Sam Flynn costume

If you want sexy in your costume this year, then this is a great time to get in on the act. These are all popular costumes that are fun to try out and so very sexy to wear for all to see.

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